Moto Z DROID owners being assured Android Oreo to come “in a few weeks”

The Verizon-only variants of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are finally getting cleared up for Android Oreo in the next few weeks.

Motorola has its hit list for Android Oreo updates

12 phones are on the list and has the newest of the new phones and some of last year’s hits, too. Theoretically, this should be a quick job.

Sweetheart deals let you bundle select Moto Mods with the Z or Z Force at no extra cost

You’re free to choose your Moto Z or Z Force gift between the two priciest Moto Mods for a limited time on Motorola’s US website.

Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid are half-off for a month

Verizon is selling the two phones and the Moto Z Play Droid at deep discounts through February 20, so there’s plenty of time to mull this through.

Moto Z officially gets Android Nougat, Daydream VR

No matter where you bought your Moto Z or Moto Z Force, you will soon see it with Android Nougat loaded in and a new VR experience.

Reddit’s getting Android Nougat for Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid

Verizon versions of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are getting some software version 7.0 and the Daydream VR platform as well.

Motorola shaves $150 off Moto Z trio, Best Buy ups freebie ante on Droid editions

Motorola and Best Buy really want you to “Skip the Sevens” and go for a Moto Z or Z Force instead, now sold cheaper than ever before.

Moto Z Droid comes with $250 Best Buy gift card, Z Force Droid earns you $150 e-coupon

The Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid are still relatively costly, but with contracts or payment plans, they’re now bundled with Best Buy e-coupons.

Moto Mods Development Kit expands availability

Developers in the the US already have it. China, Europe, South America have it today. Canada will get it in October. Everyone gets an MDK!

Motorola now also gives away select Moto Mods with Moto Z and Z Force Droid

If you’re still in the market for a Moto Z or Z Force Droid, and want to do your shopping on Motorola’s website, there are free Moto Mods to be had now.

Reminder: Moto Z Droid, Z Force Droid, and Moto Mods are on sale today at Verizon

Following a relatively short pre-order period, the eye-catching Moto Z and Z Force phones, as well as a number of Moto Mods, are up for grabs from Verizon.

Best Buy has Moto Z discounts and free Moto Mod speakers for all

Much like the Galaxy S7, the Moto Z and Z Force Droid come with discounts and freebies off the bat, at least through third-party retailer Best Buy.