Moto Z DROID owners being assured Android Oreo to come “in a few weeks”

The Verizon-only variants of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are finally getting cleared up for Android Oreo in the next few weeks.

Bevy of Daily Steals for Moto Z2 Force and other Moto Z devices refurbished

Five big Moto phones, all of them refurbished (read: not perfect), but affordable and functional. And they can even be more functional if you buy a Moto Mod with the money you save.

Get Moto Z2 Force discounts at Best Buy, as well as free Projector Mod from Motorola

Regularly discounted by this retailer and that carrier, the Moto Z2 Force is quite affordable from Best Buy right now, also coming with a free Moto Mod for a very limited time.

25 percent off Moto Mods at Best Buy for a limited time

Best Buy has 13 of them with discounts between $10 and $75. If you’ve got a Moto Z phone that needs spicing up, this may be the time to do it.

Get free iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 or LG G6 from US Cellular with qualifying trade-in

If you sign up to a US Cellular unlimited plan between November 22 and 27, and turn in an eligible device, the iPhone 8 can be yours free of charge.

Moto Z2 Force ShatterShield screen scratches easy, Motorola responds to inquiry

Reports from reviewers across the tech space have panned the ShatterShield screen on the Moto Z2 Force for its “scratch magnet” tendencies.

Flagship Moto Z2 Force goes official at last with Snapdragon 835, up to 6GB RAM, small battery

The Moto Z2 Force is everything we expected, with good and bad things, including a powerful SoC, dual cameras and modest battery.

It’s happening: ‘Shatterproof’ Moto Z2 Force is essentially confirmed to see daylight on July 25

We’re not sure if a “regular” Z2 is coming, and the X4 could still be a ways off, but the Moto Z2 Force is definitely just a couple of weeks away.

AnTuTu benchmarks Moto Z2 Force suspect with 6GB RAM, 128GB storage

In addition to a “shatterproof” display, the impending Moto Z2 Force could stand out from its “regular” sibling with more memory and internal storage.

Latest Moto Z2 Force render confirms AT&T availability, still no headphone jack

It’s the classic good news/bad news scenario. The Moto Z2 Force is apparently headed to AT&T, as well as Verizon and T-Mobile, with no audio jack in tow.

New Verizon subscribers can get a free Moto Z Play from Best Buy, $20 a month Z Force

With the Z2 Play right around the corner stateside, Best Buy is running the ultimate promotion for interested buyers of the first-gen Moto Z Play.

Sweetheart deals let you bundle select Moto Mods with the Z or Z Force at no extra cost

You’re free to choose your Moto Z or Z Force gift between the two priciest Moto Mods for a limited time on Motorola’s US website.

Unlocked Moto Z finally getting Nougat next month, Moto Z Play in March

Motorola still won’t commit to a precise Android Nougat release timeline for the US unlocked Moto Z, but it’s not going to be long now.

Moto Mod lineup grows with Incipio car dock, many more Moto Z add-ons coming next year

Lenovo’s newest Moto Z snap-on accessory is a fairly humdrum Incipio car dock Moto Mod, but many exciting modules are due out in 2017.

Verizon’s best phones are free all weekend long with eligible trade-ins

You know what’s better than paying a measly $10 a month for a Google Pixel? Getting the phone, or a bunch of others, completely free from Verizon.

Motorola takes $250 off its priciest Moto Mods bundled with Z phones for Black Friday

In the market for a Moto Z, Z Force or Z Play phone this holiday season, perhaps bundled with an affordable Moto Mod? Check Motorola’s US e-store now.

Moto Z officially gets Android Nougat, Daydream VR

No matter where you bought your Moto Z or Moto Z Force, you will soon see it with Android Nougat loaded in and a new VR experience.

Reddit’s getting Android Nougat for Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid

Verizon versions of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are getting some software version 7.0 and the Daydream VR platform as well.

All-new Mophie Juice Pack Moto Mod will snap on to your Moto Z for extra 3,000 mAh batery

Not happy with Moto Z’s battery capacity or the extra power of an Incipio Moto Mod? The 3,000 mAh Mophie Juice Pack add-on should do the trick.

Moto Z joins the million-unit sales club, according to Lenovo CEO

Lenovo would like to thank the one million Moto Z buyers around the world so far helping “drive innovation forward” by embracing modular phones.

Motorola shaves $150 off Moto Z trio, Best Buy ups freebie ante on Droid editions

Motorola and Best Buy really want you to “Skip the Sevens” and go for a Moto Z or Z Force instead, now sold cheaper than ever before.

Best Buy has free Moto projector mods bundled with Moto Z and Z Force now

No longer sold with free $150 or $250 gift cards, the Moto Z and Z Force Droid at Best Buy haul complimentary $300-worth Moto Mods.

Moto Z Droid comes with $250 Best Buy gift card, Z Force Droid earns you $150 e-coupon

The Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid are still relatively costly, but with contracts or payment plans, they’re now bundled with Best Buy e-coupons.

Motorola publishes full list of Nougat-eligible phones, third-gen Moto G notably absent

Motorola’s list of phones with Android 7.0 Nougat updates on the way is relatively extensive, but it still omits a few new low-cost models.

Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod: Is this really an upgrade?

If you’re going to spend $300 on a modular camera, shouldn’t it outperform the camera built into your phone? Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod!