Motorola Moto X (2014) review: the modest Moto goes mainstream
Motorola bundled beefier specs into its newest smartphone – but how much soul did it sacrifice in the process? The answer ahead, in our Moto X 2014 review!
The new Moto X rumor roundup: previewing Motorola’s next flagship
Our new Moto X rumor roundup dives into all the rumors in order to provide you an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the Moto X+1!
Moto X+1 gets detailed in in-depth video leak
A Moto X+1 video leak has just hit the web, giving us our best look yet at Motorola’s 2014 flagship. See what exactly the Moto X successor is like.
What would make you buy a Moto X+1? (Poll)
The Moto X+1 is just around the corner, but what will it take to make you want one? Take our poll and tell us what you want from the Moto X+1!
More Moto X+1 custom Moto Maker options rumored
In addition to the rumored addition of leather to Moto Maker options this year, one source claims that a denim Moto X+1 may be a possibility.
Moto X+1 leaks spell camera with optical zoom, and other features?
Learn more about the recent leaks regarding the Moto X+1, one of the most anticipated phones of the year. This time we hear optical zoom in the camera.
New Motorola Skip swaps NFC for Bluetooth, FCC reveals
Discover the changes expected for the new second-gen Bluetooth Motorola Skip, possibly launching next week.
Moto X+1 new material options pick up retailer support
We’re not quite to the point of confirmation just yet, but with this latest find, the idea of a leather Moto X+1 option is sounding more and more likely.
Rumor names octet of new Motorola phones due this year
A rumor names a possible eight new Androids showing up on the Motorola 2014 roadmap.
Mysterious Motorola “Quark XT1254” more powerful than the Moto X+1?
Learn more about the recent rumors of a Motorola Quark XT1254, that might be headed for Verizon, as it sees to be more powerful than the Moto X+1 rumored.
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Moto X+1 front panel leak goes up against the original Moto X
A new leak attempts to show us a Moto X+1 front panel – see what it can tell us about earlier leaks, and how it compares to last year’s Moto X.
Moto X+1 may arrive (a little) later than expected
We’re still not sure on the specifics, but rumors about carrier plans for the Moto X+1 launch date are starting to roll in.
New Motorola phone spotted getting ready for Verizon
See why the discovery of a new Motorola Verizon smartphone leak has us so curious about what’s lurking within this box.
Moto X+1: here’s our wish list
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Latest Moto X+1 leak is looking pretty convincing
Check out the latest Moto X+1 pics to arrive of a possible pre-production model.
Moto X+1 specs show up in retailer placeholder listing
Looking forward to the launch of Motorola’s Moto X successor later this summer? Check out some possible Moto X+1 specs to help tide you over.
Moto 360 watches could get the custom Moto Maker treatment
Will you be able to order a custom Moto 360 smartwatch later this summer? Find how the Moto Maker might get involved for this wearable launch.
Moto X+1 press render leaks ahead of Google I/O
The Moto X+1 press render leaked today seems to confirm the rumors according to which there might be a front-facing speaker on the device.
Expanded Moto X+1 “Victara” leak emerges
The emergence of a new Motorola Victara leak has us wondering if there might not be multiple phones caught up in these Moto X+1 rumors.
Moto X+1 allegedly featured in case, features huge camera and other oddities
A new Moto X+1 pic shows a render of the phone, with a huge camera lens and other random oddities that we go over. Take a look at the pic here.
Moto X+1 to allegedly feature 4K video capture, phone compared to original Moto X
A new Moto X+1 leak suggests Motorola’s next flagship may just support 4K video recording at its highest setting, as we explore more details of the handset.
Moto X+1 returns in new video appearances
The Moto X+1 videos continue to leak out, as we get our second close-up look at the hardware this week.
Moto X+1 boot animation shown off in new video
The Moto X+1 boot animation has found its way into a video, along with a glimpse of the hardware we could possibly be seeing out of Motorola this summer.