Will Samsung have the balls to make a graphene battery? | #PNWeekly 281

Graphene as a battery material has been floating around for decades, but will Samsung finally get to harnessing its power? We discuss on our show!

Many Moto X Pure Edition units finally get Android Nougat

Sprint units apparently got this update in the past two months, but not GSM and Verizon units until just about two weeks ago.

The nightmare is over for US Moto X Pure Edition owners awaiting Android Nougat

So what if the Moto X Pure Edition runs “pure” Android? The 2015 phone still waited more than a year to get its official 7.0 Nougat update.

Kernel released for Moto X Pure Edition with Android Nougat

What is going on with this update? The soak test finished up long ago and the official software support window has collapsed.

Latin America gets Android 7.0 Nougat ball rolling for Moto X Force

The official Android 7.0 Nougat update for the “shatterproof”, international Moto X Force is a few months late, but it’s still more than welcomed.

Soak’s on, soak’s done, Android Nougat for Moto X Pure Edition is official

After a couple weeks of soaking, the Android Nougat update is now ready for wider distribution among US Moto X Pure Edition units.

Android Nougat soaking into US Moto X Pure Edition units

The Moto X Pure Edition is just coming into Android Nougat… very slowly. Like, people still have to sign up for the soak test.

Moto X Pure Edition deals at Best Buy starting at $250

If you are looking for bamboo backing, you can pay just $20 more. Keep in mind that we are talking 32GB models, here. 64GB might not be worth your time.

$400 Moto X Pure Edition 64GB yet again sold with free Moto 360 Sport

Why buy the aging but more than respectable Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 Sport separately when they can net you $250 in savings together at B&H?

Moto X Pure Edition 32GB is marked down to $250 at B&H, including $30 freebies

It’s no longer the cream of the Motorola crop, but at $250 with $30 worth of freebies included, the 32GB Moto X Pure Edition is an absolute must-buy.

Buy a Moto X Pure Edition, get a Moto 360 Sport free

This deal is almost exactly the deal we got earlier this month — with the same strings attached — but without the need for crazy promo codes.

64GB Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 Sport offered for combined $400 ($350 off)

If an aging 64GB Moto X Pure Edition phone and Moto 360 Sport smartwatch still tickle your fancy, you can now get them at a massive combined discount.

Republic Wireless graduates to T-Mobile partnership, upcoming support for major phones

Hybrid MVNO Republic Wireless is moving up in the carrier world, picking up backup T-Mobile connectivity and a number of widely popular Android phones.

Blass specs out two Moto X 2016 phones with more evidence they’re Project Tango fruits

Just as it was with last year’s Moto X Play and Moto X Style/Pure Editon, both Vertex and Vector Thin will play the same Tango to different specs.

Moto X Pure Edition price slinks on down to $299.99 for Mother’s Day

We’re waiting for a new Moto X. Motorola is fighting a bad customer service reputation. Oh yeah, there’s Mother’s Day this week. Time for a discount.

Special Moto X Pure Edition phones get mad discount

The phones come with a Jonathan Adler-designed back pattern and 32GB of storage. And they’re going for even less than a standard 16GB Pure Edition now.

Motorola knocks $50 off Moto X Pure Edition pricing for the next couple weeks

You can create your own Moto look while saving some cash with this new Moto X Pure Edition deal.

Motorola users accuse company of refusing to issue under-warranty replacements

Have you managed to get Motorola warranty service on a broken smartphone lately? A lot of users are saying the company claims it has no phones to send them.

Amazon has a couple of interesting 32GB Moto X Pure Edition deals

It’s kind of tricky territory for Amazon to undercut the manufacturer when it’s already hitting a discount, but it has for a couple of the 32GB variants.

Motorola offers sweet new deals on second and third-gen X, Droid Turbo 2 for a few more hours

If you hustle, you can get a free first-gen Moto 360 with a 64GB Droid Turbo 2 or Moto X Pure Edition, or a heavily discounted Moto X (2nd gen).

Moto X Pure Edition drops to $300 at B&H, deal includes camera accessories

The Moto X Pure Edition, already discounted to $300 by Motorola, comes with additional deal sweeteners, normally worth $60, from B&H.

Moto X Pure Edition starts at $300 after $100 discount for the next three days

In the market for an aging but timeless unlocked Android phone with Marshmallow and Quad HD screen? The Moto X Pure Edition is now only $300.

Moto X Pure Edition 64GB available for $400 ($100 off) from B&H

The already remarkably affordable 64GB Moto X Pure Edition is today even cheaper at B&H, going for $400 with a bunch of camera accessories bundled in.

Buy a 64GB Moto X Pure Edition today, and net a free Moto 360 (1st gen)

For a (very) limited time, $500 can buy US-based smartphone and smartwatch enthusiasts both the 64GB Moto X Pure Edition and OG Moto 360.

Moto X Pure Edition – After The Buzz (Video)

Motorola’s super-customizable Android flagship has a ton of new competition. See how well it holds up in the 2016 edition of our Moto X Pure Edition review!