Design firm behind Motorola wallpapers may have leaked Moto X (2016)
Onwhite made the colorful, complex and glassy wallpapers that you’ll find on many a new Moto-branded Lenovo phone. But what’s this unused phone?
That rumored 4.6-inch Moto X 2016? It’s most likely a Lenovo Moto M
If you were craving for a solid sub-5-incher from a tier 1 Android OEM, the upcoming Lenovo Moto M could be just that, at 4.6 inches in screen diagonal.
GFXbench revives hopes of a Moto X 2016 [UPDATE]
After two new Moto Z devices, could we have seen a Moto X for 2016 with dual cameras? Not likely, according to an explanation from GFXBench.
“Moto X is alive and well” statement doesn’t look forward
A spokesperson for Motorola said that the Moto X brand co-exists with the Moto Z one and both provide their own experiences. Will there be a Moto X 2016?
Blass: Moto X becoming Moto Z
Lenovo is said to be changing its branding for Motorola’s latest and future flagship smartphones as well as the names for some modular accessories.
Blass specs out two Moto X 2016 phones with more evidence they’re Project Tango fruits
Just as it was with last year’s Moto X Play and Moto X Style/Pure Editon, both Vertex and Vector Thin will play the same Tango to different specs.
Lenovo slates Project Tango phone, mystery Motorola launch for June 9
Lenovo wants to blow our minds next month in San Francisco, where the first Project Tango phone will be “launched”, likely alongside the Moto X 2016.
Everything comes together with this DROID Turbo 3 / Moto X 2016 leak
Both the Moto X 2016 and what likely is the DROID Turbo 3 have had media renders leaked and they keep with what a lot of previous leaks have shown.
Motorola slates mystery event for May 17 in India, Moto G4 or new Moto E incoming
The list of suspects for May 17 Motorola event headliner isn’t very lengthy, but it’s really anybody’s guess if the Moto G4 or new Moto E are it.
“Say Hello to fingerprint” in supposed Moto X 2016 leak
Lenovo-owned Motorola might be trying something new for its flagship phone this year. Or maybe not. We can’t tell with this photo leak.
In-development Moto hardware offers possible early look at this year’s lineup
Could this be an early Motorola 2016 lineup leak, giving us a peak at what may be the next Moto X and Moto G?
The immortal UltraPixel | Pocketnow Weekly 185
On this week’s podcast, MWC rumors including a 12-UltraPixel HTC Perfume, Apple Pay working at ATMs, and an LG G5 with a Magic Slot (oh myyyyyy)!
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Lenovo CEO promises “innovative,” “attractive” Moto phone for July
Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang informs us that a “more innovative, more attractive” smartphone is coming this summer as a July Moto launch.
Lenovo SVP dishes on what to expect from Moto by Lenovo in 2016
Lenovo will be digesting the consolidation of its mobile phone operations with Motorola for a few years. But what do we expect from the Moto X this year?
Pipin’ hot smartphone news | Pocketnow Weekly 180
The year’s almost over, but the smartphone news isn’t – check out what you’ve been missing in this week’s podcast, with Pocketnow Weekly 180.
Motorola rumored to go back to fingerprint recognition for Moto X 2016
The company that “inspired” Apple to fit a fingerprint sensor on a phone might again offer biometric authentication features at last on the Moto X 2016.
Next year’s Moto X leaks again, reveals internal heat pipe for cooling
Motorola’s next flagship should be one hot phone, but maybe not a HOT-hot phone: new leaks reveal the presence of a Moto X 2016 heat pipe.
First alleged photo of the Moto X 2016 shows off radically redesigned rear cover
The Motorola Moto X 2016 might look nothing like its predecessors, based on a prematurely leaked prototype photo in China starring an all-metal build.