‘All new’ Moto X4 with 6GB RAM is a Flipkart exclusive in India priced at $395

With 6GB RAM, 64GB internal storage space and pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo, the “all-new” Moto X4 definitely justifies its Rs. 24,999 price tag.

Next-gen Moto X5 is already in the works, alongside E5, E5 Plus, E5 Play and more

The beloved Moto X line took a break between the 2015 X Style and this year’s X4, but Lenovo seemingly has every intention to launch a Moto X5 next year.

India gets surprisingly affordable Moto X4 in both 3 and 4GB RAM variants

Even the 4GB RAM/64GB ROM Moto X4 SKU is more affordable in India than the unlocked 3/32 gig variant stateside.

Best Buy’s Moto X4 pre-orders come with free $50 gift cards

Although it hasn’t even started shipping yet, the unlocked GSM and CDMA-compatible Moto X4 is already available with a bundled gift card from Best Buy.

The nightmare is over for US Moto X Pure Edition owners awaiting Android Nougat

So what if the Moto X Pure Edition runs “pure” Android? The 2015 phone still waited more than a year to get its official 7.0 Nougat update.

Moto X4 rendered with Android One label en route to the US, Project Fi support also in tow

It’s almost etched in stone now that the Moto X4 will be the first Android One phone to come to the US, and Project Fi support also feels like a safe bet.

Yet another hands-on Moto X4 photo crops up online, alongside actual spec sheet

It’s officially confirmed now, even though the Moto X4 is technically not out yet – specs include a Full HD 5.2-inch screen and dual 12MP rear cameras.

Here’s our clearest, cleanest, prettiest real-life look at the glossy Moto X4

Lenovo’s impending Moto X4 is sure an eye-catching upper mid-range smartphone, with a polished glass back and dual camera setup.

Check out some new high-quality Moto X4 renders, and get answers to all spec-related questions

The full specs and features of the upcoming Moto X4 are now out, along with a fresh and sharp press render showing two snazzy paint jobs.

This is the final Moto X4 design, as confirmed by Brazil’s FCC twin ahead of impending announcement

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency knows how the Moto X4 will look when it’s finally released, and now we do too.

Ev-leaked Moto X4 render provides clear, clean look at a very fashionable, curvy device

We’ve known the name for a while now, the specs and features are also out in the open, and now here’s the unreleased Moto X4 in all its glory.

Brazil may get Moto X4 launch on June 21

There’s also speculation that the rest of the world may get a new Moto device before the end of the month. But other details make it all sketchy.

Latin America gets Android 7.0 Nougat ball rolling for Moto X Force

The official Android 7.0 Nougat update for the “shatterproof”, international Moto X Force is a few months late, but it’s still more than welcomed.

This is Lenovo’s entire ‘unlimited’ 2017 Motorola smartphone roster, Moto X4 and gS included

For the remainder of the year, Lenovo still has a bunch of Motorola smartphone launches planned, apparently, including a Moto Z2 Force, X4, gS and gS+.

Moto X (2017) leak adds in a 4GB RAM variant

This year’s Moto X will supposedly take two forms and may come in others as well. Maybe it will come in one. It just depends on what specs we get.

Confusion hovers over low-end Moto E4 and Moto C, rendered and rumored to launch soon

Lenovo almost definitely has non-flagship Moto E4 and Moto C phones in the pipeline, but it’s hard to be certain of the two’s specs right now.

Moto X (2017) leaked to be somewhat uglier than the Moto G5

And if it were not for the two cameras on the back instead of the one, you wouldnt be able to tell it apart from the Moto G5 Plus.

Android Nougat rollout for 2015 Moto X trio is inexplicably pushed back several months

Not only is the Moto Z Play again slated for a Nougat update in March, but the previous-generation Moto X Style, Force and Play have to wait until May now.

Leaked CAD-based Moto X (2017) renders and video reveal a poor man’s Moto Z

It’s not a dream or hallucination. That Moto X (2017) you’ve been wishing for is almost here, and it looks both different and similar to the Moto Z.

Moto X (2017) in play as Lenovo could shift some work to an ODM

Rumors say that Motorola will be sole leader on the Moto Z, Lenovo will take the Moto X while the company may contract an ODM for the Moto E.

Let’s chat Nintendo Switch and LeReactions to LeEco Le Pro 3 | #PNWeekly 223

Nintendo showed off the Switch. LeEco showed off the Le Pro 3, and the FCC showed off some fines for T-Mobile. #PNWeekly podcast 223!

Design firm behind Motorola wallpapers may have leaked Moto X (2016)

Onwhite made the colorful, complex and glassy wallpapers that you’ll find on many a new Moto-branded Lenovo phone. But what’s this unused phone?

Motorola flat-out accuses Samsung of ‘stealing’ its ‘original’ Always On Display

Shots have been fired on Twitter in Samsung’s direction, with Motorola claiming it did the Always On Display thing first, which is true, but incomplete.

That rumored 4.6-inch Moto X 2016? It’s most likely a Lenovo Moto M

If you were craving for a solid sub-5-incher from a tier 1 Android OEM, the upcoming Lenovo Moto M could be just that, at 4.6 inches in screen diagonal.

$400 Moto X Pure Edition 64GB yet again sold with free Moto 360 Sport

Why buy the aging but more than respectable Moto X Pure Edition and Moto 360 Sport separately when they can net you $250 in savings together at B&H?