Motorola turns 90 years old today
From the makers of DynaTAC, StarTAC and RAZR comes 90 years of history. Also, thre are a few deals going on right now you may want to take in.
Motorola clearing house with sales on Moto Z2 Play, Moto G5S Plus, more
This time around, the Moto Z2 Force goes down below the $500 level, but only if you like it in black and are using AT&T.
Celebrate the first mobile phone call with up to $150 off select Motorola handsets
It’s been exactly 45 years since Martin Cooper made the world’s first ever mobile cell phone call, and the only proper way to honor the occasion is buy some Motorola gear on the cheap.
‘More metal’ Moto G5S and dual camera Moto G5S Plus break cover with reasonable price points
The Moto G5S brings a more premium build to the table than the G5, as well as a larger screen and battery. The G5S Plus has a dual rear camera.
It’s happening: ‘Shatterproof’ Moto Z2 Force is essentially confirmed to see daylight on July 25
We’re not sure if a “regular” Z2 is coming, and the X4 could still be a ways off, but the Moto Z2 Force is definitely just a couple of weeks away.
Key Moto G5S Plus specs revealed, continue to puzzle
What are tiers? What is stratification? Where does the Moto G5S Plus fit into Lenovo’s smartphone scheme, here? Better than just a Moto G or even a Moto M?
Lenovo schedules IFA 2017 event for August 31, and we have no idea exactly what’s in store
As always, Lenovo is likely to unveil many different things at IFA Berlin this year, including tablets, convertibles, phones and modular accessories.
Motorola’s ‘next bold phone’ is coming to Canada June 1, possibly India as well
What exactly is Motorola hyping up on Twitter for Canada and India? It could be any one (or two) of the Moto Z2, Z2 Play, Force, X4, E4 or E4 Plus.
Time to also check out the unreleased Moto G5S Plus in sharp render form, dual cam and all
Similar but not identical to the G5 Plus, Lenovo’s Moto G5S Plus is apparently coming with a full metal jacket and dual rear camera setup in tow.
Baffling Moto G5S gets rendered in trio of paint jobs with all-metal construction
Lenovo’s mid-range Moto G5S smartphone will be coated in your choice of blue, gold or grey, metal everywhere, looking a lot like the regular G5.
This is Lenovo’s entire ‘unlimited’ 2017 Motorola smartphone roster, Moto X4 and gS included
For the remainder of the year, Lenovo still has a bunch of Motorola smartphone launches planned, apparently, including a Moto Z2 Force, X4, gS and gS+.