It’s 2018, and Verizon is updating the 2016 Moto G4 Play to 2016’s Android Nougat

To be fair, Android 7.1.1 Nougat was released in December 2016. But that still made for a painfully long wait for Verizon owners of the mid-end Moto G4 Play.

Moto G4 Play gets Android Nougat update for real

There was a soak test back in the summer, but since then, nothing at all. Until now, when the official update has started going out.

Prepaid Moto E4 goes on sale at Verizon for $70, unlocked variant coming soon to a slew of US retailers

Prepaid Verizon service may not usually be high on many wishlists, but when you can get a solid phone like the Moto E4 for $70, it’s worth a shot.

As promised, Nougat starts rolling out to the Moto G4 Play, but surprise, it’s build 7.1.1

Just like Sony, Lenovo seems to be tying up loose Nougat ends before starting work on Android O, with a 7.1.1 update delivered to the Moto G4 Play.

Reliable source provides clarification and confirmation of Moto E4/E4 Plus spec sheets

Not as low-end as the C and C Plus, but not as mid-range as the G5 either, Lenovo’s Moto E4 and E4 Plus are today leaked in full.

Moto G4 Play discounted to $100 outright at B&H, $49 for Verizon prepaid on Amazon

Whether you’re thinking of buying it unlocked, with no strings attached, or designed for Verizon prepaid use, the Moto G4 Play is a steal right now.

Good news, Moto G4 Play users worldwide: your Nougat update is coming soonish

There was a bit of tension and confusion hovering over the low-cost, low-end Moto G4 Play, but all’s well that ends well… in June.

Upcoming Moto G5 gets hands-on treatment, Moto G5 Plus rendered for Verizon

Now we know everything there is to know about the fast-approaching Moto G5 and G5 Plus, including the latter’s likely Verizon support.

B&H ‘instantly’ discounts unlocked Moto G4 Play to $130, promo code shaves extra $30 off

With the G5 right around the corner, it’s certainly nice though far from surprising to see the unlocked Moto G4 Play discounted from $150 to $100.

Sweetheart deals let you bundle select Moto Mods with the Z or Z Force at no extra cost

You’re free to choose your Moto Z or Z Force gift between the two priciest Moto Mods for a limited time on Motorola’s US website.

Moto G5 (or G5 Play) strongly expected to feature 5-inch FHD screen, SD430 SoC

In addition to one or two 5.5-inch Full HD Moto G5 variants, Lenovo is also definitely working on at least one 5-inch 1080p flavor.

Republic Wireless adds Moto G4 Play to growing roster of affordable WiFi-first phones

At $150, the newly expanded Moto G4 Play is a solid WiFi-first bargain on Republic Wireless with monthly plans as affordable as $15.

Best Buy offering Moto Z Droid, Moto G4 Play on Verizon at deep discounts

Verizon is still asking for $26 per month for two years for the Moto Z Droid. The Moto G4 Play also gets its fifth progressive discount.

Best Buy’s new and old Cyber Monday deals are for everyone

Best Buy isn’t done discounting hot mobile gear for the holidays, offering solid savings on iPads, Android phones and wearables for Cyber Monday.

Amazon lets you save up to $90 on Prime exclusive Moto G4 for limited time

If you’re okay with Amazon “lockscreen offers” and ads, the 32GB Moto G4 can be yours at just $140, down from a $230 list price.

New round of early Best Buy Black Friday deals includes $50 Moto G4 Play and dirt-cheap Samsung tabs

Best Buy pulls the trigger on a number of Black Friday mobile deals today, selling the Verizon prepaid Moto G4 Play, for instance, at $50.

Verizon prepaid Moto G4 Play with 2GB RAM and 4G LTE marked down to $65 at Best Buy

If you have no problem committing to a Verizon prepaid plan, the 2GB RAM-packing, LTE-enabled Moto G4 Play can be yours for just $65.

Moto G4 Play on Verizon Prepaid now just $85

The Moto G4 Play-sorry, the Moto G Play Droid is now on sale at Verizon. If you want to get hitched with service, this phone won’t cost much at all.

Motorola opens Moto G4 Play US pre-orders at $150, Amazon ads drop price to $100

The entry-level Marshmallow-based Moto G4 Play phone can now be pre-ordered stateside for $150, or $100 with Amazon ads for Prime members.

Hong Kong has the Moto E3 Power

In an odd Hong Kong-only release, the E3 Power is basically an upgraded Moto E3, but not as “badass” as the Moto G4 Play.

Motorola monthly security patches dropped for “efficient” bundles

The Moto Z and Moto G4 may be updated along the same track that the Moto X Pure Edition currently is: way less often than monthly.

What will Lenovo’s Brexit moves be? Tough and typical

Tough and predictable. Job losses, price hikes and the hunt for “efficiencies” should begin if they have not already. Not good news for sales in the UK.

Moto Maker and North American availability for Moto G4 detailed

Moto Maker will have fewer options for this year’s Moto G and Moto G4 Plus while Canada and the US will get staggered device releases.

Moto G4 Play also unveiled with little fanfare, 5-inch display, 8MP camera

The G4 and G4 Plus made all the headlines earlier today following a New Delhi announcement, but a lower-end, lower-cost Moto G4 Play is also coming.