Moto X by Lenovo may have been benchmarked
The Snapdragon 820 may be blazin’ and the 4GB RAM may be a bit of lazin’ around by Motorola as we make sense of a possible benchmark.
Motorola, not Lenovo, is third-most preferred smartphone brand in US
75 percent of the smartphone market is shared between Apple and Samsung. Lenovo-owned Motorola gets 6 percent. What’s the way up?
Motorola still figuring out how to co-brand with Lenovo
Chicago-based Motorola is trying to figure out how to be amenable to its parent company from Beijing. It’s all in the name.
And by the way, the Moto G and E aren’t guaranteed fingerprint sensors
And for that matter, so isn’t the Moto E. Fallout from the transliteration of an interview with Lenovo SVP Chen Xudong continues with Motorola patching up.
Picking up the pieces post-CES | Pocketnow Weekly 183
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Don’t panic, the Moto G and E are alive and well, with Lenovo focused on moving them forward
Lenovo says there’s no truth to claims it’s looking to nix the Moto G and Moto E smartphone lineups, which will co-exist with the Vibe series.
Lenovo SVP dishes on what to expect from Moto by Lenovo in 2016
Lenovo will be digesting the consolidation of its mobile phone operations with Motorola for a few years. But what do we expect from the Moto X this year?
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