No more BlackBerry Priv monthly updates, BB10 and BBOS support carries on

As weird as it sounds, we have bad news to report on the software support front for BlackBerry Priv owners, and good news for BB10 and BBOS users.

Business-friendly Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition comes with three-year security patch promise

There’s a Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition out in the US now for small and medium-sized businesses, with Samsung promising unusual security.

Samsung resolves ‘challenges’, promising monthly security updates for unlocked US Galaxy S7

It’s unclear what are the “challenges” holding back unlocked US Galaxy S7 versions, but “soon” enough, you should start receiving monthly security patches.

Motorola commits to Moto Z security patches, leaving out ‘monthly’ promise

Regularly? Frequently? Outright monthly? Motorola fails to provide clarification in regards to the security update pace of the Moto Z and Z Force.