RED Hydrogen One gets hyped up by company owner, specs and other info revealed

We finally know that groundbreaking RED Hydrogen One holographic phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, and start shipping “before the summer.”

Facebook’s rumored hardware plans take a new turn with credible ‘video chat device’ speculation

Forget modular phones and trend-following smart speakers. Facebook may want to carve out a new niche for a dedicated video chat product of some sort.

Exciting patent hints at modular Facebook smartphone or smart speaker of Project Ara inspiration

What if a “world-class” team of Project Ara and Amazon Echo architects will soon join hands for a truly modular Facebook smartphone or smart speaker?

Cricket’s ‘exclusive’ Alcatel Pulsemix is a rebranded A50, aka A5 LED, priced at $80 and up

This naming scheme is all over the place, but Cricket’s Alcatel Pulsemix, Amazon’s A50 and the “international” A5 LED are essentially the same phone.

Onslaught of new Moto Mods previewed in ‘concept’ video, including tablet dock

It’s unclear when Lenovo plans to launch all these next-gen Moto Mods for Z phones, or even if they are all coming. But some of them are really exciting.

Two Moto Mods concepts secure ‘up to $1 million’ funding, four others get ‘guidance’

Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon have selected the two grand prize winners of their Transform the Smartphone Challenge, helping the Moto Mods take shape.

OG modular Fairphone 2 is still alive, still supported, getting Marshmallow update ‘soon’

Too late for an Android Marshmallow upgrade? Not as far as the long-forgotten modular Fairphone 2 is concerned.

Even more Moto Mod candidates aim to ‘transform’ the Moto Z, including keyboard accessory

With almost $25,000 already raised on Indiegogo, a new Moto Mod prototype looking to add a sliding 5-row physical keyboard to the Moto Z rises.

It’s time to meet Lenovo’s ‘Transform the Smartphone’ finalists, and help fund exciting new Moto Mods

A dozen prospective Moto Mods have been selected by Lenovo as “Transform the Smartphone Challenge” finalists, still seeking Indiegogo funding.

LG G6 officially confirmed to scrap modular design, launching ‘in the very near future’

That oft-rumored Friend-less LG G6 is indeed coming in the “very near future” with a simpler, less risky, non-modular design.

2016’s biggest tech winners and losers

2016 was certainly a tumultuous year for many tech companies, but these are the industry’s five biggest winners and five biggest losers in our opinion.

OtterBox uniVERSE is a modular iPhone case

You can get extra storage, battery, camera lenses, stick on a tripod, wallet or card reader onto your iPhone with the OtterBox uniVERSE.

Blass specs out two Moto X 2016 phones with more evidence they’re Project Tango fruits

Just as it was with last year’s Moto X Play and Moto X Style/Pure Editon, both Vertex and Vector Thin will play the same Tango to different specs.