Don’t lose hope for modular LG G6, company spokesman says

It’s way too early to start any concrete LG G6 rumors, though the next-gen phone’s modular capabilities are practically etched in stone already.

Dueling LG V20 specs saunter into the speculation spotlight

One source is predicting a step backward. Another is claiming a camera kick-start. Either way you look at it, this LG V20 release is a nailbiter.

Our Moto Z Wishlist: Pocketnow editors weigh in

The next generation Moto phones will be critical releases for Lenovo. The editorial staff at Pocketnow has weighed in, and here’s our Moto Z wishlist!

i-BLADES Smartcase Indiegogo project is essentially a modular phone case

Project Ara? Fairphone? Puzzlephone? The era of modular devices has only begun…

Fairphone vs. Project Ara: who to bet on at this point?

Furniture. Cafeteria food. Swiss army knives. All of these, when done well,…
Project Ara

Is Google really betting on modular phones, or is it something more?

Modularity helped boost the presence of the home PC, could modular phones do the same thing for Android? Is that what Project Ara is really about?