Essential Phone gets Audio Adapter HD mod, Tidal freebie and audio-improving update

The Essential Phone will soon be compatible with a premium sound accessory, already supporting master-quality audio, and scoring free Tidal content.

Slider Keyboard and Vital Moto Mods wrap up Lenovo’s CES 2018 announcements

Nowhere near as exciting as Lenovo’s many laptops, tablets, VR products and “smart display” unveiled at CES 2018, these two new Moto Mods still deserve a little attention.

Cricket Wireless pushes BOGO discount on two unlimited data lines

The AT&T prepaid carrier typically runs two lines of unlimited data for $110. For a limited time, though, that price is down to $80 per month.

Patent for RED Hydrogen envisions a modular smartphone-powered cinematic camera to the nth degree

If you’re familiar with RED cameras, you probably have the budget to play around in James Jannard’s little sandbox of cinematographic possibilities.

Cricket’s ‘exclusive’ Alcatel Pulsemix is a rebranded A50, aka A5 LED, priced at $80 and up

This naming scheme is all over the place, but Cricket’s Alcatel Pulsemix, Amazon’s A50 and the “international” A5 LED are essentially the same phone.

Onslaught of new Moto Mods previewed in ‘concept’ video, including tablet dock

It’s unclear when Lenovo plans to launch all these next-gen Moto Mods for Z phones, or even if they are all coming. But some of them are really exciting.

Two Moto Mods concepts secure ‘up to $1 million’ funding, four others get ‘guidance’

Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon have selected the two grand prize winners of their Transform the Smartphone Challenge, helping the Moto Mods take shape.