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Apple’s 5G iPhone in 2020 will suck with supplier slack, analyst says

Will anyone be able to step up to the plate by 2020 and bring Apple a decent 5G modem for its iPhones to utilize? One analyst says it’s slim pickings.

Broadcom Wi-Fi 6 modem is on Samsung Galaxy S10 series

The modem is capable of handling WI-Fi 6 connections as well as Bluetooth 5. It’s an industry first and it’s on the Galaxy S10 smartphone series.

Apple could be working on Cellular modems for future iPhones

Apple keeps on working to depend less on other companies for components in their devices, and now they could be working on cellular modems

Timing shock for T-Mobile’s 600MHz and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50

From what Qualcomm has impressed the media with, it seems that T-Mobile’s customers will be chomping at the bit for 5G towers to use.

The first Intel 5G modem is here, but iPhones won’t have it until 2020

Intel steps up to the plate with its cellular connectivity offering for device makers in the 5G age. But it likely won’t see daylight until 2020.

MediaTek 5G modem comes before system-on-a-chip

The odd sibling from Qualcomm and Intel, MediaTek is prepared to make it over to 5G connectvity within 2019, one way or another.

Qualcomm still positive on Apple relationship

Qualcomm is very insistent that it can get back to an amicable relationship with Apple as a supplier. But can it with mountains of lawsuits stacked?

Qualcomm claims Apple stole code to support Intel modems

After antitrust claims against it, Qualcomm is turning the table against Apple for intellectual property theft to drive down modem costs for the iPhone.

Qualcomm’s case for iPhone sales ban in US looks shaky

The commission’s staff has found that Apple has not violated Qualcomm’s patents and that the chipmaker’s request would harm competition.

How fast can the Galaxy Note 9 be? We find out!

We have videos this week on how to speed up your Galaxy Note 9 experience and how fast that data flows against the iPhone X!

Intel loses bid to supply 2020 iPhones with 5G modems

Qualcomm is said to be the main supplier of modems as it has been for many years. That leaves MediaTek as the alternative for now.

Market analyst sees MediaTek serving up 5G iPhone modems, supply chain not so sure

Qualcomm may still be the primary supplier of modems for the iPhone, but the second fiddle position is quite important and is in contention for 2019.

Qualcomm 1Q18 earnings beat the street, but there are plenty of aches

Given the stumbling blocks Qualcomm has in front of it, such as Apple, Chinese regulators and grabby investors, the company has done a good job with the bottom line.

Apple v. Qualcomm: Tim Cook facing deposition June 27

Qualcomm is being accused of using its immovable, dominant position in the modem market to force higher royalties on its clients. Apple is in it to win it.

2018 iPhones to rely solely on Intel baseband chips, KGI claims

If supply chain intelligence is verified, it would be the first time ever that Qualcomm would be denied a provisional job for an iPhone.