Apple could be designing its own antennas for the iPhone 12
Apple could be working on creating its own 5G antennas for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup and their future devices
OnePlus CEO gives cold truths on 5G: costlier phones, roaming blocks
Pete Lau was excited to announce a big carrier partnership on 5G, but warns that the road ahead for consumers will be a tad challenging.
Telstra makes 5G boasts with HTC, Ericsson, ZTE, Netgear and Qualcomm
Ericsson helped with a 5G video call, HTC has a hub, Netgear has another hub and ZTE has a test phone. All of it’s powered by Qualcomm.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 introduced
It’s here for 5G and cheer. Qualcomm has launched its latest systems-on-a-chip with a battery of artificial intelligence enhancements.
5G HTC phone
HTC 5G hotspot coming to Sprint in 2019
AT&T recently announced a 5G mobile hotspot for use on its burgeoning network… Sprint is following with a device from HTC.
The iPhone Xs is fast, but not faster than the Galaxy Note 9 in speed test
The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max seem to be faster than the iPhone X, but it can’t beat the speeds of the smartphone with a Qualcomm X20 modem
iPhone Xs users are having poor Wi-Fi and LTE connection problems
The new iPhone Xs and Xs Max are having LTE and Wi-Fi connection problems and there’s quite an interesting list of possible causes
Intel’s latest iPhone modem supports CDMA, still needs to share orders with Qualcomm
Intel says it is making great strides with its latest LTE modem which will likely go into this year’s new iPhones and has its eyes on the 5G prize.
Once again, Qualcomm modems are better than Intel modems in iPhone X
If you’re on Sprint, US Cellular or Verizon, your iPhone X should theoretically perform better than ones on AT&T or T-Mobile.
Qualcomm and Intel modems spotted in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus teardowns
Different chips for different iPhones, but it’s all the same since last year. So, what is up with Qualcomm and Intel and their modems?
If you don’t have T-Mobile 600MHz support on your Snapdragon 835 now, you’ll never get it
The Galaxy Note 8 might have the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem and the proper transceiver and backing SoC, but it needs more hardware than that.
Gigabit LTE is apparently real: Verizon hits 1.07Gbps on 4G
Qualcomm’s hope is that you’ll get to use the hardware at the heart of it. What we believe to be the Snapdragon 845’s modem is set on “fiyah.”