CVS finally accepting mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay

Yes, even contactless cards are being accepted at the registers these days. What took the United States’s largest drugstore chain so long to adapt?

San Francisco transit operators may incorporate mobile payments soon

One of the nation’s most fragmented public transit regions may start using mobile payments for train and bus rides by 2022.

Chase Pay customers can link up with Samsung Pay

So many banking apps, so many apps, so little sense made. But at least Chase is working with Samsung to extend its technological reach.

Google Pay integrated peer-to-peer payments, boarding passes

Users can split their bills easily right from the one app. Also, ticket vendors are rolling out support for ticket holding in the app.

Google Pay expands to Germany with four local banks on board

Google Pay is officially launching in Germany ahead of both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, with credit and debit cards supported by a quartet of banks.

PayPal finally launches a Venmo debit card

The card has been in testing for months, but it’s now finally rolling out to Venmo users who want to sign up for one and we have the link for that.

Dockless bike share service Ofo now accepting Apple Pay with kick-off promo

The dockless bike share system is accepting Apple’s mobile payment system. They’re celebrating by giving out two-hour ride coupons.

Order Ahead feature tested on Apple Pay

The first venue to test the new feature was in the Napa Valley as the BottleRock music festival, allowing customers access to an instant pick-up window.

Google Pay to store tickets, boarding passes

The mobile payments system got a big update at Google I/O 2018 with two new major mediums it can store on users’ devices: tickets and passes.

Samsung Pay now giving Cash Back for certain purchases

If you shop at certain retailers with Samsung Pay, you’ll be eligible to receive a small percentage back for future use with Samsung Pay.

At long last, PayPal makes its support of Samsung Pay official

Nine months of a lapsed commitment, then a peek of a roll-out, then this official press release. Finally, PayPal funds can be used to make Samsung Pay purchases.

PayPal rolling out FDIC protection, loan offerings and other bank features

The company is reported to be working with a network of smaller, private label banks to offer conventional banking features.

9 months later, PayPal finally a funding source on Samsung Pay

It was last summer when Samsung announced that PayPal would become a funding source on its mobile payments platform. Boy, does an announcement echo far.

Exclusive deals with Apple Pay through April 18

If you pay with Apple Pay for some furniture or clothes or trips, you’ll be able to notch some nice discounts for the next couple of weeks.

Constant notification badge is getting some users to sign up for Apple Pay

Apple Pay is signing up millions of users per month and some of them are coming to the mobile payments platform with a white flag hung high.

Apple Pay makes its long overdue debut in Brazil, at least for one bank’s customers

The long-awaited release of Apple Pay in Brazil is limited to one bank, while thousands of local retailers and dozens of apps and websites will support the service right off the bat.

Google Pay functionality infused into Google Assistant

For the time being, Google Assistant users will only be able to pull off peer-to-peer payments through their Android or iOS phones.

Samsung Pay is available in 21 markets after launching in Italy with robust local bank support

Samsung Pay is narrowly ahead of Apple Pay in terms of the number of global markets supported, even if the latter has made a much earlier debut in Italy.

Google Pay working on Wear OS in three more countries

Google has recently started enforcing region-locking for use of Google Pay in the UK and the US. Now, it’s available in three more countries.

Huawei Pay wallet app rolling out on Play Store

The Chinese OEM has set out a future footprint for Russia for its mobile payments system and it could have sights for Europe.

Google Pay officially launches as Android Pay replacement, starting in the US and UK

Previewed early last month, the Google Pay Android app is now available as a free Play Store download in lieu of the old Android Pay digital wallet service.

BBM loses PayPal peer-to-peer payments

BlackBerry Messenger users will have to look to an another chat app for integrated peer-to-peer payments through PayPal.

Mexico now has Samsung Pay

It’s second behind Brazil to get the mobile payments system which will be available for cards from three issuers and several banks.

PayPal’s Venmo service now does instant transfers for 25 cents

The transfers to the user’s eligible debit card instead of the bank will take up to 30 minutes and not up to three business days.

Huawei Pay to debut in Russia under new agreement with UnionPay

UnionPay is the lead issuer of credit and debit cards in China that partnered with Huawei to launch Huawei Pay in 2016. It’s not gone and expanded on the deal.