Tiny Instagram Lite app surfaces on Google Play with absolutely no fanfare

According to a company spokesperson, the storage space-saving Instagram Lite Android app is still undergoing (public) testing in just one global market.

YouTube Music streaming app and rebranded YouTube Premium are official and ‘coming soon’

YouTube Music is essentially Google’s latest, purportedly greatest answer to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, while YouTube Premium is the new name of YouTube Red, also including a Music Premium subscription.

Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game

Google Play’s US Best of 2017 lists include Super Mario Run in the lead in the new game category, and Photo Editor as the year’s most popular new app.

Drooling over that iPhone X notch? These two apps let you easily add it to any Android device

Why would anyone want to voluntarily give up precious screen real estate on their Android devices? To spoof the iPhone X, of course.

Google launches Tez in India for simple and secure online and offline mobile payments

Instead of trying to adapt the NFC-only Android Pay platform to the rigors of the Indian market, Google has released a brand new payments app called Tez.

Uber adds in-app chat functionality for improved rider and driver convenience

Uber’s latest global Android and iOS app update enables a feature that should have probably been available for a long time: in-app chat.

Advanced machine learning helps Google app feed get more intuitive and easier to customize

The already intuitive and versatile Google feed in the search giant’s Android and iOS app is getting a major update focused on personalization.

Uber makes it a lot easier and more intuitive to request rides for friends and family

If you want to help someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or that simply refuses to use the Uber app get around, a new feature makes it hassle-free.

Microsoft’s free Face Swap Android app sounds fun, practical and fairly ‘sophisticated’

You should reserve judgment until downloading it (for free) and taking it for a spin, but Microsoft’s Face Swap Android app looks interesting on paper.

These are the 2017 Google Play Award winners, including a mix of favorites and underdogs

The second annual edition of the Google Play Awards includes a group of winners just as diverse and eclectic as the first, from Hearthstone to Woorld.

Google quietly lifts subscriber restrictions for YouTube’s mobile live streaming feature

You no longer need ten thousand, one thousand or even one single subscriber to your YouTube channel to stream video live from your phone.

Samsung launches emoji-based Wemogee chat app for people unable to express their thoughts

Emojis can be fun or annoying, but they can also change lives affected by a neurological disorder called aphasia.

Pandora Premium tries to beat Spotify and Apple Music at their own game

Pandora Premium arrives to the unlimited music streaming party a couple of years late, with personalized playlists as its strongest advertised point.

Viber further beefs up user privacy with Secret Chat features for Android and iOS

Android and iOS instant messaging app Viber adds Secret Chat functionality to a bag of tricks also including encryption and “secret messages.”

Facebook Messenger Day is the latest Snapchat Stories copycat for Android and iOS

Frames, effects, stickers, easy photo and video sharing, all available for just 24 hours. This Facebook Messenger Day thing sure sounds familiar.
Google Allo

Google brings tighter Android Auto integration to underachieving Allo app

Well, Allo there, Android Auto, and nice to finally be able to communicate properly behind the wheel without taking one’s eyes off the road.

YouTube’s native mobile live streaming support is finally expanding… to popular creators

You know those mobile live streaming features Facebook has integrated about a year ago? They’re now coming to YouTube creators with 10K+ subscribers.

Facebook is apparently testing a somewhat creepy ‘Discover People’ mobile feature

If you’re having trouble making or finding Facebook friends, this “Discover People” section currently being tested may help.. if it ever reaches the masses.

Subscription promos are coming soon to Google Play apps to help devs better monetize their services

Android apps and services available in Google Play that require subscriptions could soon offer introductory promos in addition to free trials.