Hangouts SMS finally hung up for most, still on for Project Fi and Google Voice

The exceptions are Google Voice users and Project Fi customers who can continue to route SMS/MMS through Hangouts. Others will have to move elsewhere.

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Google Hangouts may be getting ready to drop SMS support

Are we really about to see Google Hangouts SMS support killed off? Google may be about to direct text messages to their own app.

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Hear how the newly revealed Stagefright Android MMS bug could take over your phone without you doing a thing.

Google Voice expands upon last month’s MMS improvements

Google’s got news of a couple significant GV improvements, chief among them Verizon Google Voice MMS support.

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Few stop to rationalize carrier SMS plans, but with a mandatory data plan, free alternatives abound. Learn why you shouldn’t pay for carrier text messaging.

Why Are We Still Using SMS?

It’s not just the price-gouging aspect that’s making the future of SMS dubious; it’s its inherent limitations. Text messaging is almost twenty years old, and it’s beginning to show its age in some inconvenient ways.