Google and LG bring the future of VR closer by co-developing 18MP OLED display

Google and LG have a common goal, working together on a crazy sharp VR OLED display with a record-breaking 1443 ppi count and 120 x 96 field of view.

Google is the latest tech giant reportedly interested in betting big on AR

AR technology may well be the next big thing, as Google joins the likes of Apple and Samsung in reportedly working on a truly immersive, standalone headset.

Samsung may want to strengthen its Microsoft alliance with ‘powerful’ wireless MR headset

Samsung’s first ever standalone headset could go beyond VR and also integrate AR technology with the help of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform soon.

We could still see the Microsoft HoloLens 2 unveiled this year with built-in LTE and an ARM processor

Competition is about to heat up in the ultra-high-end mixed reality headset space, so the long-gestating Microsoft HoloLens 2 smartglasses could see daylight by the end of 2018 after all.

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset finally goes on sale in the US at $429

The long-awaited Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset includes two motion controllers and a unique 3D-pattern aesthetic, setting US buyers back a relatively hard to swallow $429.

Microsoft unveils ultra-affordable, uncompromising Windows 10 laptops for schools

Microsoft still thinks it can beat Google in the classroom, marketing four new Windows 10 and Windows 10 S devices from Lenovo and JP as powerful alternatives for Chromebooks.

New Asus ZenBook 13 and X507 laptops introduced at CES 2018, MR headset coming soon

A refreshed Asus ZenBook 13 with 8th Generation Intel Core processing power and X507 laptop for “daily computing” are official at CES 2018.

Microsoft discounts trio of Windows Mixed Reality headsets by a whopping $200 today only

If you hurry, you can get a bunch of heavily discounted Windows Mixed Reality headsets from Microsoft, including a $199 Lenovo Explorer.

Apple reportedly snaps up mixed reality headset maker to help with its own AR products

The latest Apple acquisition is most likely yet another small step towards the realization of Cupertino’s AR-revolutionizing dream.

Microsoft’s Black Friday deals include Surface Pro bundles, discounted MR headsets and phones

One of the most extensive, diverse, rich and compelling collections of Black Friday 2017 deals unveiled thus far comes from the US Microsoft Store.

Microsoft HoloLens spreads to workers and businesses in 29 additional European markets

The wildly expensive, business-focused Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset is now available in a grand total of 39 countries around the world.

Microsoft officially gets the Windows Mixed Reality show on the road

No less than four Windows Mixed Reality headsets have simultaneously been released yesterday, with the Samsung Odyssey next in line.

Microsoft inadvertently lists all we need to know about the $499 Samsung Odyssey MR headset

We knew the Windows Mixed Reality-powered Samsung Odyssey was coming soon, but now that name is out, along with pricing, specs and a release date.

High-quality images depicting mystery Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset randomly show up

Out of nowhere, some wild, crystal clear renders of an unreleased, unannounced Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset have surfaced online.

Windows-based Dell Visor headset kicks off US and UK pre-orders at $350 and up

The $350 Dell Visor is the first of several Windows Mixed Reality headsets slated for launches in time for the holidays that’s already up for pre-order.

Windows mixed reality headsets and Fall Creators Update will begin to roll out on October 17

Those long-awaited Windows mixed reality headsets from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo will begin their gradual global releases in mid-October.

Lenovo’s IFA 2017 product lineup includes MR headset, convertible laptops and more

Lenovo couldn’t miss the opportunity to unveil a couple of new 2-in-1 Windows 10 PCs, a mixed reality headset and Home Assistant Pack at IFA 2017.

Dell Visor mixed reality headset and new 2-in-1 Inspiron 7000 laptops get the IFA show on the road

IFA 2017 hasn’t begun yet, but Dell is wasting no time detailing the long-in-the-works Visor mixed reality headset and a couple of convertible laptops.

Next-gen Qualcomm Spectra ISP aims to unify and improve Android depth-sensing tech

Qualcomm obviously wants to lead the upcoming AR, VR, MR and “XR” revolution, supporting advanced depth-sensing tech for Android products.

Starting at $99, the Mira Prism AR headset is kind of like a Samsung Gear VR for iPhones

Three students backed by a fairly impressive group of investors may have just come up with the ultimate low-cost AR headset for iPhones.

Microsoft showcases Asus and Dell Windows Mixed Reality headsets as they approach their release

A number of largely affordable Windows Mixed Reality headsets are coming “later this year”, and Microsoft has new designs and details to share.

Samsung focuses on VR and AR innovation with four new C-Lab projects for MWC 2017

Samsung always likes to keep an eye on the (distant) future of tech, planning early demos of VR and AR-focused C-Lab concepts at MWC 2017.

Microsoft reportedly thinks the world can wait until 2019 for an upgraded HoloLens

Don’t hold your breath for a HoloLens v2 announcement this year or the next, rumor has it, as Microsoft takes its time to develop something big.

Apple and Carl Zeiss might be gunning for joint release of AR smartglasses this year

German manufacturer of optical systems Carl Zeiss AG is expected to help Apple join the slowly blossoming augmented reality hardware market later this year.

Qualcomm and ODG partner on first Snapdragon 835-based AR/VR smartglasses

Two exciting new pairs of AR/VR smartglasses have just been announced at CES 2017, with Snapdragon 835 inside, and ODM in charge of manufacturing.