Leaked firmware says Xiaomi Redmi S2 has Snapdragon 625
The Qualcomm chipset is a very efficient user of power. There’s also dual cameras here. But what will China and India pay for it?
Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll showing users preferring Android One over MIUI
A heavily customized image or a clean image that users can customize themselves. Which do you think Android enthusiasts would choose?
MIUI 9 is supported by an impressive total of 40 Xiaomi Android devices
MIUI 9, the newest version of Xiaomi’s Android-based user interface, will be available for official installation on a whopping 40 phones and tablets… eventually.
Xiaomi unveils MIUI 9 with proprietary smart assistant, ultra-affordable Mi AI Speaker
In addition to the Mi 5X smartphone, Xiaomi took the wraps off a smart assistant-powered MIUI 9 platform and low-cost Mi AI Speaker earlier today.
Mid-range Xiaomi Mi 5X sports premium design, dual 12MP cams and 4GB RAM at only $220
It’s hard to think you can do better than the Xiaomi Mi 5X, Full HD 5.5-inch screen, metal unibody design, dual cams and all, at the equivalent of $220.
Four-year-old Xiaomi Mi 2 in China getting MIUI 9
Apple might be able to support its iPhones for four years with the latest iOS version. Xiaomi may raise Cupertino a year’s worth.