Misfit Vapor X

Misfit and Amazon offer 20% off everything until Monday, December 16

Still looking for that last minute gift? If a fitness smartwatch is on your shortlist, check out this Misfit deal.
Misfit Vapor X

Misfit Vapor X announced, running on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform

Misfit is announcing the Misfit Vapor X, its first smartwatch powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform. Read all about it!

Android Oreo on Android Wear 2.0: the device list

A few of the big Android 8.0 features are coming to the smartwatch platform on just about a few dozen devices. Some devices have already received it.

Android Wear 2.0-powered Misfit Vapor is launching next week after painfully long wait

Misfit Vapor pre-orders are finally open for a lucky few prospective buyers in the US, with shipments underway on October 31.

Fossil’s $325 Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch joins fashion-focused Android Wear 2.0 crowd

The US-based Fossil Group continues to flood the smartwatch market with fitness-first Android Wear 2.0 devices like the Diesel On Full Guard.

Misfit Flare fitness and sleep tracker probably delivers enough bang for your buck at $60

There aren’t many half-decent wearable devices around quite as affordable as the $60 Misfit Flare, capable of monitoring sleep, steps and distance.

‘More than 300’ new Fossil Group ‘connected watch styles’ are coming across 14 brands

Fossil sells many kinds of products under many names, and 300+ new wearable devices are in the pipeline, mixing fashion and technology.

Misfit Vapor replaces proprietary OS with Android Wear 2.0, launching ‘late summer’ at $199

Android Wear 2.0 is such a popular choice for smartwatch manufacturers these days that the original Misfit Vapor plan has been revised.

Fossil smartwatches are make or break in stifled market

And the fact that Fossil smartwatches are going to be towing the rest of the luxury goods business that is the Fossil Group is worrying investors.

T-Mobile Un-carrier Next and a word about the LG G6 | CES 2017 Daily (Day 2)

The LG G6 will be friendless and T-Mobile will be even more carrier-less(?) soon. Plus, Pocketnow talks with the makers of a subwoofer bracelet.

Misfit Vapor is company’s first touchscreen smartwatch, GPS also in tow

Low-cost, low-key fitness trackers have helped Misfit score Fossil ownership, but the company is now moving up in the wearable world with the Misfit Vapor.

Misfit creators branch off to measure once, cut once with InstruMMents 01

Measuring tapes have done us well for a good, long time. But the creators of Misfit have decided to team up with a design firm to make a measuring pen.

Misfit Phase is company’s first hybrid smartwatch, priced at $175 with standard activity tracking

The Misfit Phase is not a full-fledged smartwatch or a specialized fitness tracker. It’s a bit of both, and looks just like a regular timepiece.

There’s our IFA 2016 wrap-up, but BOOM goes the Note 7 | Pocketnow Weekly 216

We get with it with Withings, hang around Huawei, pity Samsung and Galaxy Note 7 owners and talk a whole bunch about buses in Berlin on our Weekly podcast!

Misfit Shine 2 and Ray Fitness Trackers Quick Look: Subtle and Stylish

A novel blend of simple technology, LONG battery life, and a discreet jewelry-like design. Here’s our Misfit Shine 2 and Ray Fitness Trackers Quick Look!

Fossil Q Motion takes after cylindrical Misfit Ray, costs $95 with sleep-tracking functions

The Fossil Q Motion is a fairly attractive new affordable smart band with sleep-tracking features, though it resembles the Misfit Ray a tad too much.

Cylindrical, modular Misfit Ray wearable bows at CES 2016, goes up for pre-orders

The Misfit Ray is a minimalistic new activity tracker priced at $100, with Android and iOS support, a cylindrical design, and 3-axis accelerometer.

Fossil snatches up wearables company Misfit

Today’s news of the Fossil Misfit acquisition makes it clear that the watchmaker is serious about the connected wearables game.

Misfit Shine 2 debuts as a fitness wearable meeting up with the internet of things

The wearable tech category has seen some intense stratification in its infancy.…

Pebble partners with Misfit for new fitness-based watchapp

Pebble has announced a collaboration with Misfit on a watchapp for the service. This new Misfit watchapp is fitness-centric, and we go over all it can do.