Mint Mobile set to shift up offerings, price on January 29

Customers who are already using their Mint plans will get more high-speed data per month without paying any more than they did up front.

iPhones on Mint Mobile finally get Wi-Fi calling, texting, VoLTE

Some networking features will make using iPhones on this prepaid carrier a little more fresh like calls over LTE or Wi-Fi and texting on Wi-Fi.

Mint Mobile now offering money-back trial of its network

The prepaid carrier runs on T-Mobile’s network and sells plans by the quarter or by the year for a lump sum fee. A free trial is darn important.

Department of Justice looking at Sprint/T-Mobile merger impacts on small carriers

Smaller carriers that buy access to Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s networks on a wholesale basis are worried that the merged company will raise rates.

Mint SIM becomes Mint Mobile

The company is rebranding as the prepaid wireless market in the United States is looking forward to a shakeup with Sprint and T-Mobile merging.