Flagship Microsoft Store

First European Flagship Microsoft Store opens in London on July 11

Microsoft is teasing the grand opening of its first European Flagship Microsoft Store. It will be in London, and the opening is set for July 11.

Microsoft Store also carrying unlocked Galaxy S10 devices

Believe it or not, you can get a Galaxy S10 from Microsoft. It’ll cost just about the same as anywhere else an unlocked unit will cost, though.

Microsoft rumored to sell its own Android phones soon

Windows 10 Mobile turned out to be a flop, but what will Microsoft do to get back into the space? Is Android a gap solution?

Microsoft’s first-ever LTE-enabled Surface Pro SKU is now widely available in three countries

Restricted to business customers for a little while, the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced has gone up for pre-orders for everyone back in March, and is now available for rapid delivery.

Microsoft still has Windows 10 Mobile phones for sale, even though they were out of stock for a bit

The Microsoft Store was completely out of stock of Windows 10 Mobile phones for a time last week, but they have been replenished this week. There are two models remaining.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ available at Microsoft Store for $720 and $840

Microsoft continues its odd marriage with Samsung in carrying and selling its flagship Android smartphones, these being the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile enters impulse buy territory at $99.99

Regardless of your natural distrust of obsolete software platforms, you should definitely consider the latest Alcatel Idol 4S deal on premium hardware grounds.

New Surface Pro and Laptop deals galore at Microsoft and Best Buy

You can get the newest version of the Surface Pro starting at $599 today only from Microsoft, or a heavily discounted Surface Laptop bundle at Best Buy.

The Alcatel IDOL 4s with Windows 10 is now just $169

This Windows 10 Mobile phone with a packaged-in VR headset debuted on T-Mobile at $470. It’s been a year or so, though, and it’s still around.

A free $200 value for Surface Pro purchase with Intel Core i5 or i7

Buy a Surface Pro with an i5 and get a straight-up $200 discount. How about the i7? You get a free Cortana-powered smart speaker from Harman Kardon.

Samsung: Microsoft is just selling normal Galaxy Note 8, S8 units

Don’t call it no “Microsoft Edition,” just a Galaxy S8. Even though Microsoft is selling Samsung’s phones with its own apps on them, it ain’t the case.

Microsoft-ized Galaxy Note 8 now at Microsoft Store for $930

Full retail price for an Android phablet with a stylus that also has Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype, Cortana and a special launcher pre-loaded.

Oculus Rift gets temporary price cut to $349, six free VR experiences included

We’ve started losing count of all the recent Oculus Rift discounts, although the newest one is only good for a “limited time.”

Razer Phone sold out at Microsoft Store, may hit Asia-Pacific soon

The Microsoft Store is selling a gaming phone and people can’t get enough of it. Razer is also tapped to hit Singapore with an announcement.

Verizon HP Elite x3 available from the Microsoft Store for $599

An initial lot of this Big Red flavor made available online was priced at $500 and sold out pretty quick. It’s now at $599, in-store only.

Surface Laptop availability expands along with Windows 10 S upgrade window

Platinum Gray isn’t our jam, so it’ll be nice to be able to buy a Surface Laptop in three more colors. And if Windows 10 S isn’t enough, upgrade for free.

Microsoft Store cuts deeper with Alcatel Idol 4S now at $199

The Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 is not long for this world, it seems. The Microsoft Store has posted its lowest price for the device yet.

T-Mobile kills Windows 10-powered Alcatel Idol 4S already, sequel feels unlikely

No more Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile and VR headset on T-Mobile’s official US website, though you can still buy it unlocked from Microsoft.
Galaxy S8 hands-on

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Microsoft Edition also coming April 21 with Microsoft ‘customization’

Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and “more” productivity-focused apps are pre-installed on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.

All Huawei MateBook variants available at special prices for limited time, starting at $399

In lack of a sequel, the OG Huawei MateBook will need to satisfy the thirst for power and versatility of bargain-hunting Windows 10 fans.

Select Surface Pro 4 SKUs discounted again, this time including free NFL Type Cover

Microsoft gets into the spirit of Super Bowl with renewed special Surface Pro 4 offers, this time bundled with gratis NFL Type Cover keyboards.

PSA: Lumia 950 available through AT&T and the US Microsoft Store once more

Like the 950 XL, the 5.2-inch Microsoft Lumia 950 went out of stock a while back, making a surprising comeback now at AT&T and Redmond’s own e-store.

One SKU of Surface Pro 4 discounted until January 28

If you can pay for a Core m3 model, you can definitely pay for an entry-level Intel Core i5 model for the next few days. You get a Surface Pen, too.

Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 goes unlocked at Microsoft Store

T-Mobile may be hogging national carriage rights to the Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 (and those free VR goggles), but now, you can buy it a la carte.

More Lumias vanish from US and UK Microsoft Store, survivors still out of stock

The end is definitely near for Windows-powered Lumia smartphones, as American and British Microsoft Stores discard more and more models.