Microsoft Mobile Devices Sales rumored to disappear, Nokia feature phones license sold off
Microsoft is said to be planning thousands of job cuts in its mobile division while the Nokia brand on feature phones may get another owner.
Lumia 830 leaks trump previous rumors, only 10 megapixel camera?
Learn more about the new leaks regarding the Lumia 830, as it seems that Microsot isn’t really planning to make this more than an average Lumia.
Three Lumia 830 models in the works, all with different specs?
Learn more about the recent rumors regarding the Nokia Lumia 830, as this phone is no longer a Verizon exclusive, though it will be different per carrier.
Nokia Lumia 830 leaks reveal a flagship camera on mid-tier specs?
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Microsoft to launch a selfie phone and another high-end Windows Phone soon?
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Lumia 530 vs Android competitors shown on promo videos
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Nokia Lumia 530 reportedly teased ahead of launch
Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 530, as a Vietnamese retailer just leaked all the specifications we can expect from the device at launch.
Nokia Camera updated to match the beta, name change tipped as well?
Learn more about the recent update to the famous Nokia Camera application, which in addition to major bug fixes might also find a new name for itself.
Pocketnow Weekly 096: phone lasers, remixes, and the false promise of “Prime”
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