Microsoft Band 2 sync issue fixed, but users were kept in the dark

Band users found they couldn’t reach and sync with the Microsoft Health platform. It took five days to fix and another two for Microsoft to talk about it.

No Microsoft Band 3 certain as the Band 2 goes bye-bye

The company says that it has run out of stock for the Microsoft Band 2. It will continue to support the Microsoft Health platform, though.

10 Months with the Microsoft Band 2

We’ve been using the Microsoft Band 2 for 10 months. Find out how it’s held up as a long-term health tracker.

Rumor: No Surface Book 2 or Pro 5 coming this fall, no Surface Phone… ever?

Word around the water cooler now is Microsoft only plans to unveil Surface all-in-one PCs this fall, with the Surface Phone possibly canceled altogether.

Microsoft Band 2 drops to $100 in all sizes at Best Buy, one variant on Amazon

Still sold for $250 through its manufacturer, the Microsoft Band 2 can be had at a crazy low $100 from Best Buy or Amazon.

‘Minor’ Microsoft Surface revisions likely coming this fall, ‘big bang’ upgrades late next year

Microsoft may have the future of the Surface device family all mapped out, with small rehashes in the works this year, followed by major upgrades the next.

Microsoft Surface 3 is on its way out, no replacement confirmed just yet

Microsoft may or may not plan an eventual successor for the low-end Surface 3 tablet, but production will definitely halt this end of the year.

Microsoft Band 2 spreads Cortana functionality to Android phones

Those looking to pair the cross-platform-supporting Microsoft Band 2 with Android phones should rejoice upon hearing they can now enjoy Cortana assistance.

$175 Microsoft Band 2 deal might as well become permanent

The sensor-rich Microsoft Band 2 is again priced at $175 instead of $200 or $250, technically through early July only but likely for good.

Microsoft Band 2 gets another price cut, this time to $175 ($75 off list)

The Windows Phone, Android and iOS-supporting Microsoft Band 2 hits a new all-time low price stateside, namely $175 through Redmond and Best Buy.

$200 Microsoft Band 2 deal rebooted, Surface Pro 4 also discounted by $100

To help celebrate this year’s Presidents Day, Microsoft shaves $100 off all Surface Pro 4 configurations, also selling the Microsoft Band 2 at $200.

Microsoft Band 2 stretches its juice with low-power GPS mode

A new Microsoft Band 2 update lets users conserve battery life while still using GPS tracking.

Microsoft Band 2 available for up to $250 off with qualifying wearable trade-in

If you’re interested in the Microsoft Band 2, and are willing to trade a different used but working wearable, you can score discounts of up to $250.

Microsoft Band 2 gets $50 price cut across multiple US retailers

The Microsoft Band 2 is again available for $200 ($50 off list), this time at more than one US seller, and presumably, for more than a few hours.

Microsoft Band 2 update delivers new features, including music controls

Learn about the features arriving in this week’s Microsoft Band 2 update, including new on-device music controls.

Microsoft Band 2 – Pocketnow Fitness, Episode 1

Watch our first episode of Pocketnow Fitness, a new segment where we intend to focus on wearables in fitness. Today we begin with the Microsoft Band 2

Amazon UK sells original Microsoft Band at £55 (£115 off list) today only

The first-generation Microsoft Band is cheaper than it’s ever been in the UK today and only today through the local Amazon bureau.

Best Buy drops Microsoft Band price even further, to $80 ($120 off list)

The first-generation Microsoft Band hits a new historically low price at Best Buy, where it costs $80, likely in limited quantities.

Microsoft Band 2 officially goes on sale stateside at $250

After a short pre-order period, the Microsoft Band 2 has started shipping in the US from the manufacturer, also going on sale at third-party retailers.

Microsoft Band 2 Review: a massive hardware improvement

The Microsoft Band 2 updates the company’s experimental health tracker into an intelligent fitness band worthy of its higher price tag.

Original Microsoft Band now available for $100 ($100 off list)

The first-generation Microsoft Band has finally been discounted from $200 to $100, but there’s no way to know if the deal will last.

Microsoft’s many-Windowed future | Pocketnow Weekly 169

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Lumia 950XL, and other shiny bits of newness from Microsoft’s Windows 10 launch event.

Where does the Microsoft Band 2 fit in with the competition?

The Microsoft Band 2 is arguably better than the 2014 original, but it has trouble setting itself apart from both rival smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Today’s Microsoft devices got a whole lot right (and a little wrong)

Today’s event was chock full of new Microsoft devices. They were all home runs. Here’s a break down of what went so right (and a little wrong) today.

Watch the Microsoft Windows 10 event here

The highly anticipated Microsoft Windows 10 event will be live streamed here starting at 10 AM ET, October 6.