iPhone X resale value
Apple could be planning on using MicroLED and MiniLED displays in their devices
More changes could come to the displays of Apple devices like the iPhone and Apple Watches with the new MicroLED and MiniLED displays
Apple’s in-house microLED smartwatch panels could enter mass production by 2019
Apple may have bigger and bolder plans than previously anticipated for its in-house microLED screen technology, now rumored to make a commercial debut by the end of 2019.
Apple has started in-house screen development years ago, but mass-production is still a way off
In-house MicroLED Apple screens could make their commercial debut on a future Apple Watch generation, ultimately expanding to iPhones to cut Samsung reliance.
Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ envisions a future of modular TVs with no size restrictions
Fittingly dubbed “The Wall”, Samsung’s most ambitious CES 2018 concept wants to make it “difficult to tell where the screen ends and the wall begins.”