Android Oreo on Android Wear 2.0: the device list

A few of the big Android 8.0 features are coming to the smartwatch platform on just about a few dozen devices. Some devices have already received it.

Fossil’s $325 Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch joins fashion-focused Android Wear 2.0 crowd

The US-based Fossil Group continues to flood the smartwatch market with fitness-first Android Wear 2.0 devices like the Diesel On Full Guard.

Android Wear 2.0 updates head out to Nixon, Michael Kors and more Fossil smartwatches

Google’s Android Wear 2.0 rollout is still far from ideal, having been delayed a few times, but the number of watches getting the update is growing.

‘More than 300’ new Fossil Group ‘connected watch styles’ are coming across 14 brands

Fossil sells many kinds of products under many names, and 300+ new wearable devices are in the pipeline, mixing fashion and technology.

Fossil’s Michael Kors Android Wear watches off the Google Store

Fossil’s not special in this case as Nixon and Polar Android Wear watches are also off the Google Store. But the timing ain’t good.

Nixon, Michael Kors and Polar smartwatches replace Asus and Casio oldies in Google Store

A trio of new Android Wear devices picks up official US Google Store support, replacing aging Asus and Casio smartwatches.

Google is ‘actively working’ to fix issue preventing Android Wear watches from pairing to iPhone 7

Google hasn’t taken long to confirm a widespread problem with certain Android Wear devices incapable of synchronizing to Apple’s new iPhone 7.

Stylish Michael Kors smartwatches now available for $350 and up, $95 activity trackers too

The Michael Kors Access is either the world’s cheapest luxury smartwatch or the most luxurious affordable Android Wear device, at $350.

Michael Kors Smartwatch First Impressions: A stylish take on Android Wear

Two of Michael Kors most popular watch styles now they come with Android Wear. Here’s our Michael Kors Smartwatch First Impressions!