Xiaomi Mi Note 3 confirmed for September 11 announcement by the Mi MIX 2 side

Both the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Mi MIX 2 will apparently go official the day before Apple’s big iPhone 8 event, proving the Chinese OEM’s great ambition.

Mystery 2018 Xiaomi flagship (Mi Note 3?) expected to adopt ‘rigid’ 6-inch Samsung OLED screen

Instead of an originally planned 5.5-inch flexible LG OLED screen, one of Xiaomi’s next-gen flagship phones should sport a 6-inch rigid Samsung panel.

Xiaomi’s list of Nougat-eligible phones is pretty lengthy, including surprises and omissions

Xiaomi has already released a few new phones running Android Nougat, also updating a couple of old ones, and planning many other UI makeovers.

Sources say LG OLED screens will be on Xiaomi Mi Note, V30

LG Display is said to be capable of producing 22,000 OLED displays per month and has jobs lined up for the next Mi Note and the V30.

Xiaomi will release even more mid-rangers and high-enders this year, Pinecone SoC coming this month

Xiaomi’s mid to high-end smartphone portfolio will reportedly be expanded in 2017, starting with a Mi 5c next month powered by an in-house Pinecone SoC.

At Xiaomi, the white Mi MIX got its first sales today and the Redmi Note 4X has a sales date

Same lack of bezels, but now officially available in a brighter color. Also, the Redmi Note 4X gets struck up for Valentine’s Day sales.

Xiaomi has no plans to attend MWC 2017, Mi 6 coming out later than expected

After making its all-time CES debut earlier this month, Xiaomi will surprisingly play hooky at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in late February.

Compact Xiaomi Mi S 4.6-inch powerhouse rumored with SD821, Full HD screen, 4GB RAM

What do you think about a prospective 4.6-inch Xiaomi Mi S with Snapdragon 821 processing power and Full HD screen resolution? Plausible or not so much?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is all curves, but will there be a flat version?

One official reposted a rumor that stated that his company would release a revised version of the phone — one that’s all flat.

First batch of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 sold out in 50 seconds

A second batch should go out in a week’s time. Until then, there’s another Xiaomi concept phone ready to head out in very limited quantities.

Xiaomi wants to do the US smartphone expansion right, carrier tests already underway

Xiaomi isn’t just thinking about directly selling unlocked phones stateside down the line, testing the carrier waters for “full-on” launches.

It apparently ‘doesn’t make sense’ to launch the borderless Xiaomi Mi MIX outside of China

Hope springs eternal, but there’s absolutely no chance the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX smartphone will ever leave its homeland of China.

OPPO and Vivo climb to the top two Chinese smartphone brand spots, leaving Huawei behind

Believe it or not, Huawei has been unthroned in its own homeland by local arch-rivals OPPO and Vivo as far as Q3 smartphone sales go.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 comes out with dual curved design, 6GB RAM, global LTE support

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 isn’t borderless and it doesn’t feature a dual cam or iris scanner. But it is dual curved and an all-around powerhouse.

Leaked Xiaomi Mi Note 2 presentation slides include everything from dual cam to iris scanner

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2 could come with everything but the kitchen sink in tow… at an unbelievably low price of $445 or so.

Dual-curved, bezel-free Xiaomi Mi Note 2 expected out October 25

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 could beat both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 to the borderless dual-edged screen punch next week.

Xiaomi Mi 5s now practically confirmed for September 27 announcement

September 27 will definitely bring the Xiaomi Mi 5s, not Mi Note 2 or Pro, to light, likely with Snapdragon 821 processing power in tow.

Exciting new Xiaomi Mi 5s rumors call for Snapdragon 821 SoC, ultrasonic fingerprint reader

The looming Xiaomi Mi 5s is starting to sound like more than a modest, incremental Mi 5 upgrade, with improved raw performance and biometrics rumored.

Mi Note 2 may be Xiaomi Pro if a Weibo account tells us anything

Xiaomi has registered a new, verified and hidden Weibo account with the name of “Xiaomi Pro.” Could this be the Mi Note 2 in its final name?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 may have Android Nougat, 6GB of RAM

The fabled second take on Xiaomi’s phablet spec monster is variably soon. While the wait grows longer or shorter, check out this weird build of Android.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro officially out July 27 with a “mysterious sidekick”

It will be a “mysterious sidekick” that joins the only device we know for sure that will be introduced by Xiaomi on July 27. So, what’s the Redmi Pro about?

Xiaomi slates July 27 Beijing event to unveil Redmi Note 4 or Mi Note 2

We know the event date, venue and ticket prices, but it’s still unclear exactly what Xiaomi has in store for July 27 in Beijing.

Specs rumored for Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro? Or just the Mi Note 2?

We can’t tell if these weirdo specs really point to a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro, the Mi Note 2 or something completely different.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 likely teased as greater than Mi 5… or Galaxy Note 5

How could 2 be greater than 5? Simple – if the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 features Force Touch tech, 6GB RAM and a dual-curved screen in its top-shelf config.

Mouth-watering Xiaomi Mi Note 2 specs now said to include Force Touch, curved screen

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will purportedly tick all the right ultra-high-end Android boxes, and then some, going for Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s jugular.