Xiaomi Mi Band 3 comes with a larger screen, swim-proof design, same killer price
It took Xiaomi a full two years to improve on the crazy affordable Mi Band 2, but believe it or not, the Mi Band 3 is just as cheap, as well as larger and suited for long, deep swims.
Xiaomi Mi 8 teased with Animoji-style feature, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also confirmed
The high-end Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone is coming later this week with some sort of an Animoji-like feature in tow, alongside a long overdue Mi Band 3 wearable.
Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition: a celebrity endorsement is always worth something in India
The Mi Band 2 got a new coat of paint and a new model happily (and stoically) wearing it in promotional materials in India.
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 goes official with OLED screen, 20-day battery, $22 price tag
The hotly anticipated Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is finally here, it’s got an OLED display, it’s almost as cheap as its predecessor, and promises to last an eternity.
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with LCD screen officially slated for June 7 launch
The redesigned, improved but presumably still extremely affordable Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has under two weeks to go until debuting in Chinese stores.
Xiaomi quietly unveils iHealth Box, again flaunts delayed Mi Band 2
You heard all about the headline-capturing Xiaomi Mi Max, now it’s time to meet the lower-profile iHealth Box and Mi Band 2.
Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi Band 2 photographed again ahead of announcements
The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Max is unlikely to feature a front-fitted fingerprint scanner after all, with the Mi Band 2 poised to haul an actual screen.
Xiaomi confirms impending smartwatch debut without going into detail
In addition to a high-end phablet and low-cost but not ultra-low-end fitness tracker, Xiaomi intends to soon roll out a full-on smartwatch as well.
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with LCD screen is showcased in advance of release
Without beating it around the bush, Xiaomi’s own CEO has revealed the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness tracker with an LCD screen.