Xiaomi, OnePlus fingered for high-radiation phones by German regulator [U]

A German radiation regulator conducted updated tests on many major phones and found many to break the country’s SAR limits.

Xiaomi reportedly has not one, but two new Android One phones in the pipeline

Xiaomi is almost certainly planning to rebrand the China-exclusive Mi 6X as an international Mi A2 Android One model, with another, more mysterious device also in the works running “pure” Google software.

Xiaomi Mi 6X starts at around $250 in China with AI-enhanced dual cameras, Snapdragon 660

The China-first Xiaomi Mi 6X is foreshadowing a global Mi A2 Android One device, packing Snapdragon 660 processing power on top of pretty great dual rear-facing cameras.

Several Xiaomi Mi 6X specs confirmed, pricing rumored, lack of jack previewed

The China-first Xiaomi Mi 6X, expected to be launched internationally under the Mi A2 name, should cost around $285 with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. But the headphone jack is likely out.

These are basically all of the specs of the Xiaomi Mi 6X, aka Mi A2

We’ve known some of this stuff for a little while now, but another credible source lends further credence to the Xiaomi Mi 6X specs, pretty much also completing the puzzle.

TENAA sights out what looks to be Xiaomi Mi A2

It looks a lot like the Xiaomi Mi 5X or Mi A1, so it would make sense to see what might happen with an evolution of the Android One series.

Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll showing users preferring Android One over MIUI

A heavily customized image or a clean image that users can customize themselves. Which do you think Android enthusiasts would choose?

Xiaomi Mi A1 shows developers some love with long overdue kernel release

For an Android One smartphone, it sure took the Xiaomi Mi A1 a painfully long time to publicly distribute original kernel source code.

Another Xiaomi Mi A1 software update has been stopped

It’s the same update that would bring Mi A1 units on Android Nougat over to Oreo. Why is it being stopped? Would you believe it? More bugs.

If you don’t need a warranty, this Xiaomi Mi A1 eBay deal is too good to miss

Officially unavailable in the US, the Android One-powered Xiaomi Mi A1 with Oreo fetches a very reasonable $225 on eBay via an “unofficial” seller for a limited time.

MIUI 9 is supported by an impressive total of 40 Xiaomi Android devices

MIUI 9, the newest version of Xiaomi’s Android-based user interface, will be available for official installation on a whopping 40 phones and tablets… eventually.

Revised Android Oreo OTA goes out to Xiaomi Mi A1

Speedy battery drain and other performance issues plagued the first update that launched before the new year. Now, the Android One device is getting a big, fat fix.

Official Android 8.0 Oreo updates halted for HTC 10 and Xiaomi Mi A1

No more Android Oreo for two seemingly unrelated and unconnected smartphones, as mysterious bugs have temporarily stopped HTC 10 and Xiaomi Mi A1 rollouts.

Xiaomi Mi A1 turns red, gets Android Oreo beta

It’s a Christmasy color and a sweet dose of black and white biscuit to make Xiaomi fans and stock Android fans ever more chipper.

Xiaomi Mi A1 users getting a chance to beta test stock Android Oreo

Stock software is all fun and games until it’s time to update it. That’s what the Android One-designated Xiaomi Mi A1 is trying to avoid: un-fun.

Xiaomi quietly expands smartphone lineup officially available in Spain

In addition to the promised Mi A1 and Mi MIX 2, Xiaomi also lists the Redmi 4A, 4X, Note 5A, Note 4, Mi 6 and Mi Max 2 as available or coming soon to Spain.

Xiaomi wants to take Western Europe by storm starting with Mi A1 and Mi MIX 2 in Spain

Spain is the first market in Western Europe to officially welcome a robust pair of Xiaomi smartphones. Namely, the Mi A1 and Mi MIX 2.

Android One goes mainstream with $235 ‘flagship dual camera’ Xiaomi Mi A1

The Google-powered Xiaomi Mi A1 has “simple, secure and fresh software” going for it, not to mention pretty great cameras and a premium design.

Xiaomi Mi A1 on benchmark logs shaping up to be a Mi 5X lookalike

Geekbench results from September 1 may indicate some resemblence between the Mi 5X and Mi A1, which is said to launch in India as an Android One phone.

Xiaomi Mi 5X could be taken to India as Android One phone “Xiaomi A1”

Could the “Xiaomi A1” bring a Chinese manufacturer closer to its Indian customers? An Indonesian outlet claims to have a scoop.