Upper-tier Xiaomi X1, potentially with 2:1 screen, may replace a flagging Redmi Pro series
The Redmi Pro apparently struggled in sales and could be crowded out with a decidedly improved device with a 2:1 display. Maybe.
Xiaomi Mi 6 officially confirmed for April 19 announcement, this time for real
The Snapdragon 835-powered Xiaomi Mi 6 was expected out in January, then February, then March, then today, ultimately breaking cover next week in Beijing.
Snapdragon 835-powered Xiaomi Mi 6 could go official in just a few hours
So little time possibly left, so much we still don’t know for sure about the high-end Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone with Snapdragon 835 power.
Key Xiaomi Mi 6 specs probably revealed at GFXBench, including Snapdragon 835
We still don’t know when exactly might the Xiaomi Mi 6 commercially debut, but a Snapdragon 835 processor and up to 6GB RAM look set in stone.
So, is it the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus or Mi 6 Premier? Specs leak on Weibo
In any case, one tech talker has put out some purported specifications on Weibo and the details give on some upsides and downsides.