Xiaomi, OnePlus fingered for high-radiation phones by German regulator [U]
A German radiation regulator conducted updated tests on many major phones and found many to break the country’s SAR limits.
Xiaomi reportedly has not one, but two new Android One phones in the pipeline
Xiaomi is almost certainly planning to rebrand the China-exclusive Mi 6X as an international Mi A2 Android One model, with another, more mysterious device also in the works running “pure” Google software.
These are basically all of the specs of the Xiaomi Mi 6X, aka Mi A2
We’ve known some of this stuff for a little while now, but another credible source lends further credence to the Xiaomi Mi 6X specs, pretty much also completing the puzzle.
Xiaomi deletes Twitter poll showing users preferring Android One over MIUI
A heavily customized image or a clean image that users can customize themselves. Which do you think Android enthusiasts would choose?
Android One goes mainstream with $235 ‘flagship dual camera’ Xiaomi Mi A1
The Google-powered Xiaomi Mi A1 has “simple, secure and fresh software” going for it, not to mention pretty great cameras and a premium design.
Xiaomi Mi A1 on benchmark logs shaping up to be a Mi 5X lookalike
Geekbench results from September 1 may indicate some resemblence between the Mi 5X and Mi A1, which is said to launch in India as an Android One phone.
Xiaomi Mi 5X may get global launch on September 5
The event will take place in India, though, but a tweet out of New Jersey may give United States fans of the Chinese tech brand some (false) hope.
Xiaomi Mi 5X could be taken to India as Android One phone “Xiaomi A1”
Could the “Xiaomi A1” bring a Chinese manufacturer closer to its Indian customers? An Indonesian outlet claims to have a scoop.
Mid-range Xiaomi Mi 5X sports premium design, dual 12MP cams and 4GB RAM at only $220
It’s hard to think you can do better than the Xiaomi Mi 5X, Full HD 5.5-inch screen, metal unibody design, dual cams and all, at the equivalent of $220.