iPhone 7 still the most popular phone in ownership across North America
It was the most popular iPhone and also the most popular smartphone in the continent in the fourth quarter of 2018, continuing a long streak.
Jim Jannard announces RED Hydrogen One pre-order and pricing info
The cinematography company’s founder had a whole bunch of words to throw on the timeline for this hoograph-shooting camera-phone.
Xiaomi spotted at regulators with “Pocophone” brand
What is the Pocophone? Well, it’s not particularly pequeno in the specs department and it doesn’t seem like it’ll hit the United States.
OPPO Find X sales will not take place in the United States
OPPO said that the Find X would be the first phone available to customers in Europe and North America. The United States is a part of North America, but…
Xiaomi discreetly expands smartphone business into North America south of the US border
Could Xiaomi’s official smartphone spread to Mexico be interpreted as a first step towards a wider North American launch? Fingers crossed.
Sprint Global Roaming Service gets global LTE roaming
In addition to freeing up LTE data in Canada and Mexico from its Unlimited Freedom accounts, Sprint has LTE roaming around the world — for a price.
Sprint ups speeds in Mexico, Caribbean for the winter
The number four carrier in the US is letting its customers sunbathe in unlimited, high-speed data in over 25 territories. Time to surf waves and the web.