Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 t-mobile
T-Mobile prepaid options still not as good as Metro
T-Mobile launched eSIM support for the new iPhones and these are the plans that everyone has to deal with now. Something about them doesn’t make sense.
Getting less from the iPhone XS? | #PNWeekly 325
Also on our show, Qualcomm is batting up at Apple while hoping to get back together with it and the executive crises at Facebook.
MetroPCS becomes Metro by T-Mobile with Amazon Prime and Google One included
New unlimited data plans also come with Google’s cloud storage and, if you really want to stretch your dollar, an Amazon Prime subscription.
Carriers finalize iPhone Xs pricing, credit and availability
And when will these networks also have the cellular-enabled Apple Watch Series 4? We have a list and we’re keeping track of deals popping up.
MetroPCS snatches up sub-$200 Alcatel 7, but it’s free for select customers
You’ll have to be switching from another network to get it for free and the Alcatel 7 looks to be something that may punch above its original value.
MetroPCS deals pushing iPhone SE, BYOD hard for school season
If you don’t have much to spare on a new phone this school year, MetroPCS has ways of getting you into its doors.
LG Stylo 4 lands at Cricket Wireless with 3GB RAM for $230
Essentially identical to the international Q Stylus, the LG Stylo 4 appears to be packing more memory on Cricket than MetroPCS at a higher price point.
MetroPCS expected to launch mid-range LG Stylo 4 with ‘FullVision’ screen next week
A US-only version of the recently unveiled international LG Q Stylus is apparently coming to MetroPCS soon with LG Stylo 4 branding.
How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
If you’re willing to call your service provider and hassle them for your unlock code, it could even be free. Check out the step-by-step instructions below for the best ways to get your Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM unlock code.
T-Mobile website features a plug-and-play hack that could expose customers’ details
All hackers had to do is find the site on a search engine, input a customer’s phone number and reap the data. A similar sort of bug was found last fall and back in 2015 at this company.
Boost Mobile founder wants to take it back from Sprint and T-Mobile
He sees the merger as a crisis and an opportunity to protect the prepaid wireless market from data price gouging and reduction of choice.
Port in your number to MetroPCS, and you can get two free months of unlimited service
Technically, you have to pay for your first two months of unlimited MetroPCS service before receiving $100 back, but free money is always a good deal.
There’s a new BOGO at T-Mobile, while MetroPCS takes $150 off any phone for switchers
Every season is gift-giving season at T-Mobile and MetroPCS, including tax season, during which you can get a number of free or at least heavily discounted smartphones.
MetroPCS promos 4 lines of unlimited data for $100 a month
But you’ll have to bring over a number from another carrier in order to take advantage of the deal and a free Android phone, too.
MetroPCS debuts $59 LG Aristo 2 with facial recognition and 2GB RAM
The LG Aristo 2 looks a lot like its predecessor, launching at MetroPCS for a starting price of $59 with Android Nougat, a user-removable battery, and facial recognition.
T-Mobile and MetroPCS destroy the competition in J.D. Power satisfaction ratings
Customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for both T-Mobile and flagship prepaid sub-brand MetroPCS, according to the latest J.D. Power research.
T-Mobile has BOGO deals on iPhone 8 and high-end Androids, MetroPCS offers free Amazon Prime
Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy an iPhone 8 or one of many flagship Androids from T-Mobile, and receive a second unit free of charge.
Boost Mobile racks up 5 lines for $100 a month, throws in free Androids
And customers have a choice of three Android devices per line they can pick up for free. It’s fisticuffs with MetroPCS for the holidays.
MetroPCS sets a new standard for unlimited family affordability, free phones thrown in for switchers
Four unlimited lines of MetroPCS prepaid service are only $100 a month in total right now, with a bunch of free phones up for grabs for switchers.
Boost Mobile fights back at MetroPCS with sweet add a line unlimited deal of its own
Boost Mobile’s “Unlimited Gigs” are still $50 a month for a single user, but the second, third, fourth and fifth service line only cost $25 each.
ZTE Blade Z Max carries on Zmax Pro legacy with dual rear camera and monster battery at $129
Up for pre-order online at MetroPCS today, the $129 ZTE Blade Z Max is a pretty spectacular Android mid-ranger, huge battery and all.
MetroPCS picks up Moto E4 at ‘everyday’ price of $49, completely free with network switch
If you thought the Moto E4 was affordable on Verizon, Amazon or Republic Wireless, check out this MetroPCS launch deal. It’s almost too good to be true.
Get two LG K20 Plus phones free of charge from MetroPCS or an LG Stylo 3 Plus at 50 percent off
MetroPCS badly wants you to switch over to T-Mobile’s daughter network, giving away two LG K20 Plus units for every two new service lines.
Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime starts at $69 on MetroPCS, $75 at T-Mobile with Android 7.0
It doesn’t look very “premium”, and it’s certainly no powerhouse, but the Nougat-powered Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is still a T-Mo and Metro bargain.
ZTE ZMax Pro 2 likely benchmarked as Z986 with Android 7.1.1 and Snapdragon 625
We’re fairly confident a budget-friendly ZTE ZMax Pro 2 is right around the corner, running Android 7.1 Nougat out the box, and packing an SD625 SoC.