Facebook Pay QR Codes
Messenger QR codes remind us that Facebook Pay is still a thing
Facebook Pay allows users to add their payment method once and then use the same across some of the world’s most popular services.
Messenger Oculus
Facebook brings Messenger to Oculus because we all love chatting on VR headsets
If typing a Messenger response using the Oculus controller sounds nightmarish, there is thankfully a voice-to-text feature.
Facebook limits message forwarding to just five chats at a time on Messenger
Limiting forwarding is an effective way to slow the spread of harmful content that has the potential to cause real world harm, says Facebook.
First signs of a unified Instagram and Messenger chat finally appear with the latest update
A Messenger button now appears in the Instagram app, but cross-platform chat between Messenger and Instagram is not available yet.
Messenger Rooms now lets you broadcast live on Facebook
You can now go live alongside up to 50 people directly from Messenger Rooms.
Facebook Messenger will show warnings to keep you safe from scammers
The safety warnings on Facebook Messenger first started appearing in March, but a wider rollout will commence next week on both Android and iOS platforms.
Facebook’s Messenger Rooms with 50-person group video calling support goes global
Even those who don’t have a Facebook account can join a Messenger Rooms video call via an invite link.
Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability confirmed by Facebook
At the Facebook F8 2019 conference, the company confirmed the upcoming Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability. Read more!
Facebook Messenger Dark Mode
Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android
Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android is now available to all users, though you have to uncover the feature, as it’s an Easter Egg for now. Here’s how!
Google Messenger now called Android Messages
Where one name once was, a new name emerges: in this case with RCS getting added onto SMS and MMS capabilities, Messenger was no longer enough.
Why do I need 5 chat apps?
You shouldn’t need five chat apps
When the Internet was coming into its own back in the ’90’s,…
Google launches Messenger app for SMS/MMS, separate from Hangouts
Learn about the release of Google Messenger and why it’s so odd, considering Google’s recent focus on Hangouts above all else.
Facebook Phone
Facebook Messenger Permissions: How worried should you be?
Facebook Messenger was just severed from the core Facebook app, and sure is asking for access to a lot of your personal information. Should you be worried?
WhatsApp vs Kik Messenger (Video)
WhatsApp and Kik are two very popular mobile chat apps, but which is better? Find out in our WhatsApp vs Kik Messenger comparison video!