Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability confirmed by Facebook

At the Facebook F8 2019 conference, the company confirmed the upcoming Messenger Instagram WhatsApp interoperability. Read more!
Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Here’s how to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android is now available to all users, though you have to uncover the feature, as it’s an Easter Egg for now. Here’s how!

Facebook is working on a new smart speaker and display called ‘Portal’

Facebook’s first smart speaker and display could be named Portal, and it will include speech to text software called Aloha

Facebook Messenger Kids lets children chat with pre-approved contacts in total safety

Facebook has a new children-friendly instant messaging app available as a preview on US iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, aptly named Messenger Kids.

WhatsApp down for many, outage getting fixed

The service was out for many users worldwide for a time. It is now slowly being restored. Public communications from the company have been nil.

Facebook Messenger starts showing AI-powered suggestions on Android and iOS

It took quite a while for Facebook Messenger to officially join the AI game, with the M digital assistant available now in the US.

Facebook Messenger Day is the latest Snapchat Stories copycat for Android and iOS

Frames, effects, stickers, easy photo and video sharing, all available for just 24 hours. This Facebook Messenger Day thing sure sounds familiar.

Google Messenger now called Android Messages

Where one name once was, a new name emerges: in this case with RCS getting added onto SMS and MMS capabilities, Messenger was no longer enough.

WhatsApp video calling support is rolling out to a billion+ users in the ‘coming days’

At long last, WhatsApp is officially following the suit of sister app Facebook Messenger with simple and convenient video calling features.

Google launches Jibe RCS cloud service with Sprint

Sprint will be using Google’s cloud servers to pass along RCS messages, — the imminent step up from SMS — but what does this mean for Allo?

One billion people now use Facebook Messenger every month around the world

Facebook, WhatsApp, and now Facebook Messenger are among the world’s very few online services that can trumpet active billion-user totals.

Facebook Messenger kicks off end-to-end encryption trial run

It’s not available for the masses just yet, but it can’t be long now, with Facebook Messenger officially in public end-to-end encryption testing stages.

Facebook Messenger changes galore: diverse emoji, encryption, complete chat takeover

Facebook’s native Messenger client for the world’s most popular mobile platforms has several changes and enhancements rolling out now or on the way soon.
Why do I need 5 chat apps?

You shouldn’t need five chat apps

When the Internet was coming into its own back in the ’90’s,…

Google’s Allo and Duo will join Hangouts and Messenger

Google’s new messaging services will join two existing ones. Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Messenger all have plenty of medium duplications.

Facebook details ambitious plans for Messenger in 2015

Learn more about the ambitious plans that Facebook has to expand its Messenger service with the approach of gaining more users in 2015.

Google launches Messenger app for SMS/MMS, separate from Hangouts

Learn about the release of Google Messenger and why it’s so odd, considering Google’s recent focus on Hangouts above all else.
Facebook Phone

Facebook Messenger Permissions: How worried should you be?

Facebook Messenger was just severed from the core Facebook app, and sure is asking for access to a lot of your personal information. Should you be worried?

WhatsApp vs Kik Messenger (Video)

WhatsApp and Kik are two very popular mobile chat apps, but which is better? Find out in our WhatsApp vs Kik Messenger comparison video!

Why a Cross-Platform Chat/Video Chat Client is a Win — And Doomed to Fail

Learn about why the lack of a standard video chat protocol is holding mobile devices back — and how Google may be trying to remedy that.