WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section

Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet

Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology

Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.

Russia hits popular Telegram messaging app with ‘immediate’ nationwide ban

Despite its popularity among local government officials, Telegram messaging access is to be shut down in Russia following a court order.

After Facebook, BlackBerry also wants Snap to pay for messaging patent infringement

Canada-based BlackBerry Limited may be out of the mobile phone-making business, but it’s certainly not out of the tech company-suing business, setting its sights on Snap Inc shortly after Facebook.

Huawei integrating Android Messages app for SMS/RCS

The app will allow Huawei phones in the near future to access RCS. Huawei is also helping Google out by providing servers to carriers for their clouds.

Samsung launches emoji-based Wemogee chat app for people unable to express their thoughts

Emojis can be fun or annoying, but they can also change lives affected by a neurological disorder called aphasia.

Allo smart messaging app officially debuts with ‘preview edition’ of Google Assistant

More than a month after commercially launching Duo, Google has finally made Allo, its other highly anticipated chat app, available on Android and iOS.