Why are we still using phone numbers?

Often if you take a logic-based critical look at something that society has long taken for granted, you might see that it really doesn’t make sense in modern society.  It may have made sense many years, or decades, or centuries ago, but it clearly doesn’t make any sense today. In the age of the internet, phone numbers are another one of those things.

Biggest US carriers have united, not to give us RCS messaging, but a new messaging app

We thought we could get RCS thanks to the biggest carriers in the US in 2020, but it seems we will have to settle for a new messaging app

Google: Hangouts users to be migrated to Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet

A G Suite lead says that remaining Hangouts users will have a safety net in messaging with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

A big reason to back up your WhatsApp account to Google Drive

WhatsApp automatically logs down chats, pictures, audio, video and whatever pipes down your conversations. That’s a lot of space taken up.
WhatsApp at the wheel

This is the most heavily used application by drivers while behind the wheel

According to a recently published study relying on data collected in 2016 in Finland, smartphone behavior doesn’t chance while driving.

Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology

Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.

Russia hits popular Telegram messaging app with ‘immediate’ nationwide ban

Despite its popularity among local government officials, Telegram messaging access is to be shut down in Russia following a court order.

FTC starts private investigation into Facebook privacy concerns

Among many of them is the fact that Facebook collected the metadata of Android users’ phone calls and text messages. The company says it was an opt-in procedure, but screenshots make the practice more vague than it seems.

Entry-level iMessage on Android now available with weMessage

iMessage is finally on Android, though it will take a good few moments of setup and a macOS device to get some basic features.

You now have seven minutes to delete WhatsApp messages ‘for everyone’

With the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, it’s possible to delete embarrassing messages within seven minutes of their sending.

Mystery bug randomly makes Galaxy S8 and S8+ users worldwide miss text messages

It may not sound as destructive as an exploding battery, but a new and seemingly widespread Galaxy S8 messaging issue is vexing in its own right.

Facebook Messenger Lite heads to US, Canada, UK, Ireland

The 10MB messaging app has expanded from its developing market roots to serve the people who need it in more first-world areas.

Finally, Google Allo for web debuts, but iOS users must wait

Android phone will only have access to the web client for the Google Allo messaging app, but iOS should get an update to enable access soon.

Google links Sprint and Rogers RCS chatting

Both carriers have taken up Google’s delivery of RCS, the next logical step to SMS and MMS that takes things to iMessage/WhatsApp levels of chatting.

Google Assistant languages expand to French and Spanish

Formative and derivative dialects are included as well. In Google Allo, it’s as easy as asking Google to talk in that language.

Expect SMS in Hangouts to be gone by May 22

SMS in Hangouts gets out of Hangouts soon according to a letter to G Suite admins. But you may still cling on if you have Google Voice or Project Fi.

Is it time to close the door on SMS messaging?

SMS messaging is a trusty standby for messaging capability, but is it too antiquated to keep up and running? Or do we need its reliability?

Google lead on Allo and Duo discusses why SMS won’t get integrated

And by roadmap, there IS no public roadmap. Just reassurances that features will be coming along and that visions are in place for Hangouts.

WhatsApp extends support for BlackBerry, Nokia until July 2017

BlackBery OS and BlackBerry 10 devices along with the Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 have their support periods extended with WhatsApp.

Pushbullet supports Allo messaging from PC

A small step for Allo, but will it lead to more steps to reaching out to potential users? Or will we keep dubbing it as the iMessage that never was?

A tale of iMessage on Android and of Apple opening source

A rumor claims that Apple designers made mock-ups of what iMessage could have looked like on Android. That project may still be dead.

Hangouts out, Duo in for Google apps pre-load package

What once merged SMS and digital chat streams has faded into something different. Duo may take over for what consumers want in communication.

Facebook Messenger Lite is just 10MB

Facebook is keeping it light for Messenger Lite to keep those with older, slower, tightly-packed Android smartphones connected to other users.
Google Allo

Google Allo Hands-On Preview: Because Google Assistant’s on preview

The core service that Google’s new messaging app, Allo, is centered around is only getting previewed to users. We think it means that Allo’s in preview.

Allo smart messaging app officially debuts with ‘preview edition’ of Google Assistant

More than a month after commercially launching Duo, Google has finally made Allo, its other highly anticipated chat app, available on Android and iOS.