Google starts rolling out RCS chat features for Messages in the U.S.

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and it basically takes your messaging experience to the next level. Enable your chat features!

How bad can spam get on iMessage? Extremely bad

Chinese carriers filter out text messages for sensitivie subjects as well as spam. Apple is not really into censoring. Enter the spam.

Don’t be afraid of PHADE, surveillance cameras that send your phone messages

If you’re visiting a marketplace or a museum and have their apps, their cameras may be able to send you messages by tracking how you move.

Apple’s giving a new camera (and some tongue) to Messages and Memoji

Animoji can now capture you sticking out your tongue. You can also FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends in just a single call.

Can we stop blaming Google for Chat’s lack of end-to-end encryption?

Google’s new Chat app is not even out yet, and already being criticized for its approach and lack of encryption. Read more as to our take of why that is.

AirPlay 2 and iCloud Messages backup are in iOS 11.4 developer beta

iOS 11.3 is done. Barring any bugs that pop up out of nowhere, it’s onto the next minor update. And there are some great features still being held back.

Yet another critical iOS 11 bug can easily cause crashes of numerous messaging apps

iOS 12 can’t come soon enough, as the already bug-ridden iOS 11 exhibits weird and glitchy behavior again if your iPhone receives a message with a specific Indian symbol.

‘chaiOS’ bug can break your iPhone’s Messages app and freeze your device with a link

A newly discovered iPhone vulnerability dubbed chaiOS allows anyone to mess with your Messages app by simply texting you a harmless-looking link.

iMessage on iOS 10 gets fancy, calls too

When you buy a phone, mission one for the thing is to…