eero Wi-Fi mesh routers on sale as Amazon’s acquisition closes

The newly-minted Amazon-owned eero is reiterating pledges to ensuring customers’ privacy while they use their mesh Wi-Fi networks.

Amazon acquiring eero to enrich its smart home, IoT strategies

The e-commerce platform giant has taken a financial liking to a mesh Wi-Fi network company. How will Amazon acquiring eero help its own position?

Big deals for Google Wifi and Google Home at Google Store, Amazon, Target

Two sites are doing bundle deals for both Google Wifi and Google Home, but one is just taking a chunk outta that mesh network enabler.
Google WiFi mesh

The future of WiFi is Mesh, and Google might be missing out

While I’m excited about Google WiFi and will probably deploy it at my home, there’s a lot of unnecessary overlap, and a lot lost potential Google could leverage using products that are already in people’s homes.
Google WiFi mesh

Google WiFi runs on USB Type-C to Pixel C spec

According to Google engineer and USB-C geek Benson Leung, you can charge your Pixel C with the same adapter these new router modules run off of.