Sprint/T-Mobile merger pitch to FCC pivots from 5G to competition

Instead of leading the way with 5G coverage, a combined Sprint/T-Mobile carrier would best operate as a more robust counter to AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile completes 5G connection over 600MHz

T-Mobile’s got plenty of space to work with in that 600MHz spectrum, but it’s taking the first step to deploy 5G on that network.

Microsoft wants to close $7.5 billion GitHub acquisition by the end of the year

GitHub, the world’s top software development platform, will soon become Microsoft’s third costliest acquisition in history, behind LinkedIn and Skype.

Boost Mobile founder wants to take it back from Sprint and T-Mobile

He sees the merger as a crisis and an opportunity to protect the prepaid wireless market from data price gouging and reduction of choice.

Low income earners watching Sprint/T-Mobile merger with concern

MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile would come under the T-Mobile ownership umbrella and would have a combined 54 percent of the prepaid market.

Sprint and T-Mobile talking about merging once again

Just five months after the two wireless networks decided to walk away from the negotiation table, they are said to be back at it. Again.

Broadcom makes formal $130 billion offer for acquisition of arch-rival Qualcomm

They say Qualcomm’s management is opposed to any Broadcom deal right now, but $130 billion sounds like an offer the semiconductor giant can’t refuse.

Samsung is ready to pay $8 billion for Harman’s automotive and premium audio expertise

In exchange for a whopping $8 billion, Samsung will soon be able to release Harman-powered phones, wearables and connected car solutions.