T-Mobile has finally merged with Sprint, with Mike Sievert as new CEO

After years of waiting, T-Mobile and Sprint have finally managed to merge, as Magenta officially announced the operation today
OnePlus 7T Pro 5G

The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition is just about to get better on T-Mobile

T-Mobile will soon start releasing a software update that will give the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition better 5G speeds

T-Mobile and Sprint may finally merge, and it could happen as soon as April

We may soon see T-Mobile and Sprint become one single company while keeping its place as the third-largest carrier in the U.S.

John Legere will stop being T-Mobile’s CEO in May

John Legere will stop being T-Mobile’s CEO since May 1st, 2020, and we already know who is going to take control of magenta

T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been approved by the FCC

After waiting several months, or years, the US Federal Communications Commission has…

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Legere seizes on Verizon 5G rate plan to promote Sprint/T-Mobile merger, price lock

The CEO of T-Mobile is slamming the price hike Verizon customers will have to take to access its 5G network. Sprint and T-Mobile customers won’t pay more.

New T-Mobile extends wholesale data pricing lock-in, won’t on consumer pricing

If Sprint and T-Mobile are allowed to merge, prospective CEO John Legere would allow smaller carriers to use its network at current rates forever.

FCC puts T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint in public comment limbo

The commission’s regulatory review process for the combination between the third- and fourth-largest carriers in the nation will run through the spring.

T-Mobile spent $195,000 on Trump hotel since Sprint merger announcement

T-Mobile has reportedly spent 52 nights at the Trump International Hotel in Washington while hashing out the merger with lawyers and regulators.

Sprint, T-Mobile executives grilled in Congress on merger

The carriers had few allies on Capitol Hill today as many representatives and working groups have decried the proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile promises 3-year price freeze if it can merge with Sprint

The company basically pledges all the plans that are available right now on Sprint, T-Mobile or their subsidiaries will still exist for 3 years.

FCC shutdown may impact smartphone launches, Sprint/T-Mobile merger

Could the government shutdown delay the launch of the Galaxy S10 as well as a review of the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile?

T-Mobile will have “that phone,” the first Samsung 5G phone

The Un-carrier says it doesn’t have the “time and resources” to brag about having Samsung’s first 5G smartphone. Because that’s “BS.”

Sprint/T-Mobile merger cleared by foreign investment regulator

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has approved the deal and so have a few other government agencies. But it waits on the FCC.

Sprint and T-Mobile parents pledge to excise Huawei equipment to score merger approval

Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank are reportedly promising to US regulators that they will get rid of Huawei equipment on all of their networks.

T-Mobile and Sprint merger could be closer than we think

T-Mobile and Sprint are already looking for alternatives in Nokia and Ericsson to replace Huawei devices in order to get approval for their merger

Sprint/T-Mobile merger looks on track to close in 2019

The nation’s fourth- and third-largest carriers have been preparing to merge for the past several months. Several more and it could happen.

Investor raise odds of success for Sprint/T-Mobile merger

As the perceived odds go up, stakeholders who are at risk from the impacts of a merger are staking their positions at the FCC.

New York Attorney General peers into Sprint and T-Mobile’s prepaid

Sprint and T-Mobile want to merge. They may not be large enough to pose problems in and of themselves, but their prepaid properties might be.

Sprint’s network is tiny, if for the sake of a merger with T-Mobile

Its network coverage hasn’t ever really wowed, but Sprint’s latest LTE maps may look quite distressing to its customers. So, why trot them out?

iPhones on Mint Mobile finally get Wi-Fi calling, texting, VoLTE

Some networking features will make using iPhones on this prepaid carrier a little more fresh like calls over LTE or Wi-Fi and texting on Wi-Fi.

Sprint/T-Mobile merger delays may have been because of new 5G home internet ploy

We also learn that Sprint and T-Mobile are not willing to reliquinsh any of their spectrum or their prepaid carriers to move forward with the merger.

New docs in Sprint/T-Mobile merger lead FCC to pause public comment period

The telecoms regulator has put a pause on the public comment period to review more documents sent in, mostly from T-Mobile.