Why Sailfish? A Conversation with Jolla’s CIO, Stefano Mosconi

Jolla’s new Sailfish OS might just be the next big mobile platform to hit the market. We sat down with Jolla’s CIO to learn more about where Sailfish came from, and where it’s going.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 031

From modding a Galaxy S III to jailbreaking an iPhone 5, from interviews with Sailfish-maker Jolla to speculation about the HTC M7, we talk about it on today’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Give us a listen!

Jolla Previews Sailfish, Its MeeGo-Based Smartphone OS

Get an early look at the new smartphone OS from Jolla that’s set to arrive in 2013.

Unreleased Nokia “Lauta” Leaks; What If This QWERTY Slider Were A Windows Phone?

Take a look at this Nokia MeeGo model and see if it doesn’t get you wishing for a WP8 phone of a similar design.
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What’s The First Thing You Do When You Get A New Device?

Tell us what the first thing you do when you get a new device is. Read about what others do immediately after firing it up!

Show Us the Best Picture You’ve Taken With Your Phone Or Tablet

We want to see the best picture you’ve ever taken with your phone or tablet. Show it off here!

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Show us your lock screen! Regardless of your platform powering your phone (or tablet, for that matter), snap a screenshot and post it below!

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Nokia on Android

Will We Ever See Nokia Apps on iOS or Android?

You won’t find many people that will argue with the statement that…

Is NFC An Unacceptable Security Risk? Exploits Demonstrated For Android, MeeGo

The accept-by-default nature of NFC on smartphones is a huge security oversight just asking to be taken advantage of.

Could A Totally New Smartphone OS Ever Survive?

So, for a new contender like Jolla to emerge from the ashes of Nokia’s “burning platform,” dust off a discarded gem like MeeGo, and say, “we’re gonna make a go of it” is the stuff of high drama in the mobile world. That’s probably as exciting as it gets for we followers of the underdogs. But it’s important to overcome the initial, instinctive surge of hopeful adrenaline so we can ask a crucial, if sobering, question: in this climate, can any new smartphone OS hope to survive?

Custom Android 4.0.3 Alpha ROM Released for the Nokia N9

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Nokia Already Testing PR1.3 For N9, Before PR1.2 Roll-Out?

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Progress Made Towards Nokia N9 Android 4.0 Port

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Nokia Hints at N9 MeeGo PR1.2 Release Date, Teases PR1.3

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MeeGo Harmattan PR1.2 Brings 3,500+ Features, Hitting Nokia N950

When we reviewed the Nokia N9 back in November we had a…

Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update Screenshots And Features

Right after we reviewed the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 back in November —…
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Happy New Year!

On behalf of the entire Pocketnow staff, allow me to wish you…

Nokia N9 Heavily Discounted In the U.K. Via eXpansys

The MeeGo-powered Nokia N9, basically the twin brother of the Lumia 800…

Researchers Discover Major GSM Security Flaw

The world’s first GSM phone call was placed on July 1, 1991,…

Nokia N9 MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan PR1.2 Screenshots Emerge

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Nokia Brings the N9 To the U.S., Available From Amazon

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Nokia N9 Update Coming to Make Text More Readable

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Nokia N9 Review

The Nokia N9 was announced as being the first “pure-touch” smartphone without…