Apple’s latest “special event” wasn’t that special after all

Apple held a special event today, and even though it wasn’t what we expected, at least we can say that it was different

Pocketnow Daily: The Samsung Galaxy S11 Might NOT CHANGE?! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the design for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, the support page of the Galaxy Fold 2 and more

New Apple Media Event will honor favorite apps and games of 2019

Apple has sent out invites for a new media event that is going to honor favorite apps and games of this 2019

Samsung and NASA’s “A Moon for All Mankind” VR exhibit debuts in New York

The exhibit will let users go on a simulated moonwalk and experience it all in virtual reality. It will be at the Samsung 837 retail outlet in New York.

As WatchTV debuts, AT&T jacks up DIRECTV NOW price by $5 per month

A $5 per month bump is pretty annoying, but the context of this hike is one to be concerned about if you like your streaming media affordable.

AT&T closes on Time Warner acquisition

The second-largest wireless carrier just got bigger, but not in the way that would help build its network. Instead, it’s building its content offerings.

Media pickups are part of AT&T and Verizon plans for tracked ads

In addition to acquiring programming and platforms, there are also customers to have as well. That’s more data and that’s more ads.

Fox wants CNN, AT&T won’t sell as it buys Time Warner

The company formerly known as News Corp and headed by right-aligned media champion Rupert Murdoch really, really wants CNN.

OnePlus 5 has more media volume levels than other Android phones

In fact, the 30 steps double the average number available on most typical Android phones. Yep, a positive OnePlus 5 story.

AT&T launches DIRECTV NOW with 120+ channels accessible on mobile

You can stream those channels on your smartphone, tablet, computer on your smart TV starting at $30 per month on November 30.

NVIDIA Shield TV boxes can act as Plex Servers

You can soon run a Plex Server out of your NVIDIA Shield TV box and beam out movies and music to your phone or laptop or watch it on the Shield in 4K.

9to5Google may have to change its name

Google’s legal team has just decided that 9to5Google, a publication covering the company, has violated its trademark.

Some of the awesome things you can do with a 512 GB smartphone

All of the top-end smartphones these days are listing up to 2…