McDonald’s Australia uses iPhone 8 render in promotional email
25 percent your next mobile order at the Macca’s ’round the Darling Downs? For sure. But what’s that phone it’s using to promo this deal?
McDonald’s basically suggests its new shake-sipping accessory is as frivolous as Apple devices
Apple is no stranger to ads released by competitors aimed squarely at spoofing its iDevice launches, but the latest such video comes from McDonald’s.
Pokémon Go comes home, stops by McDonald’s to grab a bite
Niantic and Nintendo sure took their sweet time before bringing global phenomenon Pokémon Go to Japan, but at long last, the wait is now over.
Pokémon Go is most definitely around the corner in Japan
Yes, you’ll likely be able to fight rival Pokémon Go trainers in McDonald’s gyms as soon as the game actually launches in Japan, i.e. in a few days tops.