What the Feed? Google has rounder cards

This is all part of the Material Design revamp of Google’s applications and some of the changes have been controversial, at least in efficiency.

Watch the Google I/O 2018 keynote live right here at 10 AM PT

The first official Android P details are coming, along with possible Wear OS, Daydream or Google Home software and hardware upgrades. Here’s how to follow all the Google I/O 2018 action live online.

Gmail for iOS updated to Material Design standards after four years

Gmail is getting material on those on iOS. In addition to a new look and new features, Google Calendar also has a bit of both, too.

Everyone’s getting Twitter on Material Design today

The hallmarks of Google’s Material Design are now on the Twitter Android app. Nothing added, not much has even effectively been moved around.

Android app design may soon cut down on the hamburger button, take a cue from iOS

The dreaded three-line icon resting on top of your screen on most apps may get a new bar treatment down below in a way similar to how iOS does things.

Facebook channels Google’s Material Design guidelines for Messenger’s new look

There’s an all-new Facebook Messenger Material Design look headed out to the Android app today.

Android N has a rough sketch based on early builds

The fourteenth major revision of Android design may end up devolving the recently introduced Material Design aesthetic.

Google rumor roundup: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Android Marshmallow

On a Thursday in New York, we’ll be waiting on Microsoft to…

Google Now on Tap preview, Android 6.0 launcher aesthetic in Google app update

We don’t know how many of you out there have the Android…

Should skinned smartphones include a Material Design theme?

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Dropbox updates Android app with Material Design

The latest Dropbox Android app update has added Material Design to the application, bringing it further in line with Google’s design guidelines.

Google Clock app now available for all to install

If you’ve wanted to install the regular Google Android Clock on your non-Nexus device, this is the time, as the app just became public for all

TLDR: I’m not impressed by material design

Material design is supposed to be all the hotness. I gave it the benefit of the doubt until I held it, but now it’s still a big ball of meh.

Here’s a look at the Android Wear app’s Material makeover

Have a peek at this Material Design-filled Android Wear app update, along with the next version of Google Play services.

Gmail 5.0 brings Material Design and supports other email services

Learn more about all the changes that are coming to Gmail 5.0, as Google envisions one app to rule everything, even if it misses the whole point.

Material Design Play Store refresh now arriving

Check out what changes Google’s bringing to the Play Store with the all new Material Design Play Store update.

Google Play Store Material Design preview leaks

Get an early look at what to expect from Play Store Material Design changes coming from Google in the months to come.