Huawei confirms Oreo updates for several more own-brand phones, Mate 8 included
The ancient Mate 8 is one of several Huawei-branded smartphones being promised Android Oreo delivery… someday, alongside the P9, P9 Plus, Nova Youth Edition, Nova 2 and 2 Plus.
Huawei has already sold 140 million smartphones in 2016, including 10 million P9s
Huawei continues to crush its own smartphone sales records, shipping 140 million units this year so far, including 10M P9-series devices.
Huawei SuperCharge could be the greatest Mate S2 or Mate 9 feature
Huawei SuperCharge is the nearly guaranteed market name of the company’s looming fast charging technology, previewed last year.
Huawei Mate 9 tipped for late 2016 release with Kirin 960, dual 20MP rear cam
If you thought the P9 and P9 Plus were impressive slabs of silicon, wait until you see the super-high-end Huawei Mate 9 unveiled in the fall.
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With a high price tag and confusing software, the Mate 8 isn’t perfect – but its zippy performance and outstanding endurance make it a contender.
The Huawei Mate 8 is the new flagship to beat for battery life
Huawei’s new flagship smartphone makes some smart sacrifices to deliver endurance unlike any other high-end phone we’ve tested.
Huawei Mate 8 makes it through FCC
With a device name that rhymes and a great vibe going into…