iPhone X resale value
Weak iPhone X demand impacts Q1 and full-year sales predictions for entire device lineup
Due to iPhone X sales failing to meet expectations, the number of financial analysts predicting lower numbers for all of Apple’s current handsets is growing.
HMD probably sold a total of 8.45 million Nokia smartphones in 2017, 4.15 mil in Q4 alone
Rookie smartphone manufacturer HMD Global reportedly managed to sell a boatload of intelligent Nokia devices last year, coming very close to the global top ten OEMs.
Global tablet sales slump continues, but Apple, Huawei and Amazon keep the market afloat during Q2
Q2 2017 tablet sales were down 3.4 percent year over year globally, despite big gains reported by three of the world’s top five vendors.
Latest research ranks US LTE availability in the global top five, average speeds near the bottom of the chart
There’s good and bad news for US mobile users in OpenSignal’s latest “State of LTE” report. Basically, LTE speeds are horrible, but availability is great.
Apple had the three most popular US phones through November, Android dominated China
Kantar’s smartphone sales charts for the September – November 2016 timeframe were dominated by iPhones stateside, and Android models everywhere else.
Apple will beat Windows device shipments this year with iOS and macOS, Gartner projects
For the first time “this century”, Gartner believes Apple will eclipse Microsoft in 2017 in sales of devices powered by the two’s operating systems.
Apple seizes more than 100 percent of Q3 smartphone profits, as almost all other OEMs lose money
It doesn’t sound mathematically possible, but it is, and Apple pulled it off – 103.6 percent of Q3 smartphone profits went to iOS handhelds.
Android rises to record 88 percent Q3 smartphone sales share, as Windows ‘all but disappears’
According to Strategy Analytics, nearly 88 percent of smartphones sold worldwide during Q3 2016 were powered by Android, up from 84 last year.
For the first time in history, mobile beats desktop internet usage worldwide
Mobile internet usage exceeded desktop traffic worldwide for the first time this past month, according to StatCounter analysis.
Apple maintains comfortable tablet market domination, but Amazon and Huawei are surging
Apple is still the world’s number one tablet vendor, followed by Samsung, then Amazon, which was the biggest Q3 2016 grower.
Samsung’s smartphone vendor dominance unchallenged in Q3, OPPO closed the gap to Huawei
Samsung lost a few percentage points, but stayed on top of the smartphone vendor ranks in Q3, with OPPO and Vivo the quarter’s best growers.
Garmin is the lone winner of a disastrous Q3 smartwatch report, as Apple and Lenovo crash and burn
Believe it or not, Garmin was the only smartwatch player that impressed with its Q3 2016 sales numbers, as Apple posted disappointing scores.
Kantar sees iOS on the decline in China, Android stateside, Windows everywhere
The latest Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report comes with both good and bad news for Android and iOS phones, while Windows is still in free fall.
Galaxy S7 Edge rules best-selling Android smartphone list, surprisingly followed by J2
Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S7 Edge racked up the best H1 2016 sales numbers of all of the world’s Android phones. Shockingly, the Galaxy J2 ranked second.