Analysts predict two more record-breaking quarters for Samsung this year

Samsung could enjoy three consecutive quarters of record profits this year, with Q3 and Q4 tallies projected at $12.5 billion and $13.6 billion.

It’s already happening: Huawei could beat Apple’s smartphone shipment numbers this very quarter

Huawei probably needs a little more time to exceed Apple in yearly global smartphone shipments, but when it comes to quarterly figures, change is near.

Shmisappointment: iPhone 8 supercycle will eventually happen, Morgan Stanley says

Owners of the iPhone 6, iPhone, perhaps even the iPhone 4 will be jumping to the iPhone 8, getting a meaningful dose of substantive new tech.

IDC predicts large smartphones will continue to rise in popularity, overall market growth also expected

The global smartphone market should “rebound slightly” this year, according to IDC research, and continue to grow at a decent pace through 2021.