Google Maps

Google Maps update brings real-time ETA

The latest version of Google Maps brings improved live location, route, and ETA sharing for both Android and iPhone users.

Six cities have wheelchair-accessible transit directions on Google Maps

Boston, London, Mexico City, New York, Sydney and Tokyo are the first regions to support wheelchair-enabled transit directions.

Google Maps may soon share battery information with live location to friends

It is also expected to revamp the mass transit commuting experience entirely with a “v2” of its current interface. That and more features coming up.

There are no changes to Google Maps in China, company says after report

It is going against an earlier report saying that a Google Maps app for iOS had popped up with ties to Alibaba’s mapping app, AutoNavi.

The slow train of an iOS 11 beta roll is now on phase 2

More features that were promised at WWDC 2017 in one form or another are coming out to play with developers. And there’s still more on the way.
Location Tracking

Security & Privacy: Location Tracking, ergo ‘They Know Where You Are’

One of the biggest “features” of our mobile devices is also one of the largest areas of concern when it comes to privacy: location tracking.

Google Maps improves home screen with a quick toolbar to restaurants, real-time commute

From the app’s load-up, you can swipe up to check out nearby restaurants, your commute to and from home or find your way through public transit.

Google Maps integrates Uber functionality directly into its directions

If you’re looking for directions on Google Maps on where you’re about rocket off to, you can now order an Uber ride right off of the directions section.

Uber sometimes tracks your iPhone location long after closing the app, blames iOS for it

Uber isn’t taking the fall for the latest data privacy controversy, blaming your iPhone’s proprietary Maps service for constant location tracking.

iOS 10.1 published, Portrait Camera mode included as beta for iPhone 7 Plus

Portrait Camera mode is still in beta on the iPhone 7 Plus, the only device that can take advantage of the feature. Other fixes are included in the update.

Finally, Apple Maps recognizes all of Amtrak’s routes

The Northeast Regional trains might be upon the most travailed tracks in the US, but what if you have an iPhone and want to be elsewhere?

Where do you have to be? Check your Google Calendar events on Google Maps

If you’ve got a thing planned and know where it’s happening, log it on Google Calendar. You’ll see it on Google Maps and figure out where to go from there.

Hands-free Google Maps voice commands keep your hands on the wheel

No need to stab at your phone, get out of navigation mode and figure where the gas is in this g–d— town. Hey, roll down your window and ask that person.

Google Maps ride-hailing options expands with Lyft and Gett

Gett listings on Google Maps will only be available in New York while Lyft is available nationwide as the app takes on new ride-hailing options.

New Google Maps satellite imaging rolling out

Google has pieced together a new look at our world with new images from the latest imaging satellite from NASA and the US Geological Survey.

New Google Maps features may include ETA sharing, shortcuts and history mapping

Want some instant directions on how to get home? How about going through everywhere you have been today? Google Maps may have it for you soon.

Some Google Local Guides getting invites to beta app

If you’re a level 2 Google Local Guide or above, use Gmail or Inbox enough and have plans to make tracks to somewhere else soon, have we a beta for you.

Update for Google Maps on Android brings custom place icons

A home is your castle. Or barn. Or lighthouse. And the windmill you commute to everyday looks just awesome. Google Maps brings new iconography.

HERE Maps are off of Windows 10 Mobile — now what, Microsoft?

Microsoft is on Reddit, ready to fill the location needs of its users after what’s formerly Nokia’s mapping unit, HERE, drops from the system.

How does Apple Maps serve three times the requests of Google Maps?

This is a story of redemption. It’s also the story of acceptance.…

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps (Video)

Nearly three years ago, Apple released its Maps app. Prior to September…

Google Maps for Android picks up new settings, auto-correct notices

Check in on the changes present in this week’s new Google Maps update.
sideload apps

This week’s Google app-update Wednesday is a big one

This Update Wednesday’s a bit larger than normal, with a ton of new Google app updates hitting Android phones and tablets.

Apple’s Maps app to soon be able to remember where you parked your car?

A new Apple Maps parking feature may be on the way, according to imagery found within the iOS 8 Maps app.

Apple’s bet on maps for iOS 8 grows, hires indoor navigation company CEO

Surely there’s no such thing as a perfect company, and definitely not…