A screw for the Mac Pro shows how Apple can’t afford to make iPhones in the US
Soures say an episode involving a central Texas screw supplier demonstrates the difficulties Apple has making things in the US versus in China.
India-made phones may get pricier quicker with new government deadline, Samsung warns
The company may decide against producing more Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 phones out of the country if a new tariff comes into place sooner than expected.
With demand, Apple Watch Series 4 will have second producer
Even though we’re getting this news through unnamed inside sources, it’s probably the most concrete sign of demand for the Apple Watch yet.
This year’s MacBook Air will get last year’s Intel processors, sort of
What will be running inside of the newest regular MacBook coming this fall? Last year’s silicon with a 2018 twist. How much will it cost?
BlackBerry KEY2 survives better than predecessor with JerryRigEverything’s tests
Last year, phone maker TCL almost ran away with great results on durability with the KEYone… with one critical failure. Can it win with the KEY2?
Apple to cut iPhone SE and iPhone X production to start on new iPhones
A cult classic and a premium powerhouse will go away at some point to make room for newer and cooler iPhones due this September.
Wistron now making iPhone 6s in India as Apple looks at expansion
The iPhone 6s is replacing the iPhone SE for local production and sales. It’s expected to be more popular and save Apple from more taxes.
In addition to factory, Foxconn also setting up headquarters in Wisconsin
500 jobs will be put in a seven-story building in downtown Milwaukee, most of them in administration while some will work on LCD technology.
Limited-run foldable Galaxy X could cost as much as $2,000 unsubsidized
Whatever this foldable phone will be called, Samsung will aim to be the first to market with it at any supply and any cost.
Google will go straight to Foxconn for Pixel 3, then to Verizon again
LG and HTC are said to not be involved in the design process for this new generation of pure Google phones, but they will have provided key resources for the Pixel 3 by the time it will go public.
Wistron India plant getting started with iPhone 6s Plus production
Apple’s manufacturing partner in India has worked on producing the iPhone SE for domestic consumers. With import taxes rising, this could be a good salve on the price of the popular iPhone model.
Tim Cook: nuts and bolts of iPhones are made in America
Chips, glass and TrueDepth cameras are just some of the components in an iPhone and they’re made in the United States, the CEO says.
Qualcomm reportedly wants TSMC, not Samsung, to make the Snapdragon 855
Samsung, the makers of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, 835, 821 and 820 processors, could lose the Snapdragon 855 production contract to bitter rivals TSMC.
iPhone SE 2 talk revived for first half of 2018
Another four-inch iPhone is coming our way fairly soon, according to industry sources. And a lot of them will come out of India.
Bloomberg: Apple solved part of the iPhone X production puzzle by lowering Face ID quality standards
The only way out of widely reported iPhone X mass manufacturing pickles may have been a relaxation of “some” Face ID specifications for parts suppliers.
iPhone X production should slowly ramp up starting November, Face ID no longer a big problem
It’s the classic good news/bad news scenario – Apple’s Face ID troubles are reportedly almost over, but iPhone X production remains clogged.
Qualcomm pursuing iPhone sales ban in China
Apple’s second largest market for iPhones is supposedly China, but the biggest impact that Qualcomm might place with this action is with parts makers.
Foxconn chooses Racine, Wisconsin for factory, starts hiring
One of 25 initial positions has already been filled and up to 13,000 more will come if Foxconn can agree with local officials.
Google buying HTC smartphone-related units for $1 billion
The deal involves a transfer of talent from Taipei to Mountain View and non-exclusive licensure of HTC’s intellectual property.
Steel frame may contribute to iPhone 8 delays through November
One market analyst sees an iPhone 8 that won’t ship until late October or later because of a problem with the metal frame component.
Underwriters Laboratories gives Galaxy S8, LG G6 seals of eco-friendly approval
The commercial standards testing firm has certified that these two top Android smartphones are a fairly green pair if you’re worried about the environment.
Trump: Three big Apple factories in the US soon
Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently promised that these “beautiful factories” (Trump’s words, not his) would be in the United States.
Apple facing mounting resistance from suppliers for iPhone 8
The iPhone 8 isn’t going to get built any faster unless manufacturers can make parts faster. Apple hopes that it can seed machines to suppliers up to speed.
Eve V may get better display as supplier stalls and delays grow
One of the company’s co-founders claims that their display supplier is running terribly behind with improving production yields at acceptable quality.
Gone or not? Touch ID has weeks to make it onto the iPhone 8
With prior intelligence, this missive adds to a narrative of a desperate Apple trying to implement a familiar feature the way it wants to or die trying.